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In the Forrester office, Steffy and Hope go over how dedicated to Hope and her line Thomas has been. His sister wishes he’d get out more. Hope knows she’s concerned about him, and would like to see that too. Steffy muses that the building is full of beautiful women but Thomas never looks up from his sketchpad. She wants him to know she trusts him and wants him to be happy and healthy. Hope tries to reassure her there’s no reason for concern. Liam comes in and senses something is going on. Steffy admits, “We were talking about Thomas.”
Steffy talking about Thomas B&B

In the design office, Paris tells Thomas how great Forrester Creations is, and how fun it’s been seeing the process of what he and Zende do. Thomas reflects on her helpful feedback, which is energizing. She shrugs that she’s always there, even though she’s not a designer. Thomas says she’s an innovator and is looking forward to getting to know her more. Zende returns and they stop talking. He asks if he’s interrupting something. Thomas credits Paris for her suggestion on his design. Zende marvels that she can look at them and see how to make them just a little better. Paris asks if he’s ready to go to the Dodgers game… not only does she have tickets but there’s something more. Zende tells Thomas that Paris is awesome and they head out leaving Thomas looking thoughtful.
Thomas thoughtful B&B

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At Dodgers Stadium, Zende’s keen to get to their seats so they don’t miss the first pitch. Paris assures him he won’t miss a thing.

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Back at Forrester, Liam, Hope and Steffy debate Thomas not having moved on. Liam hasn’t noticed him fixating on Hope. Thomas enters and offers to watch the kids for Liam and Hope’s date night. Steffy pipes up that if Thomas has a date they could return the favor. Talk turns to Paris and Thomas says she took Zende to the Dodger game — he’s a lucky guy. Steffy remarks on his interest in Paris. Thomas muses that Zende’s right; she’s full of surprises. He flashes to his cousin saying Paris is awesome and tells Steffy that he’s actually jealous of her taking Zende to the Dodgers Game. He decides to turn it on.

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At the ballgame, Paris introduces Zende to a friend of hers, who says everything’s set up, all they need is Paris. Zende looks confused and the guy tells him he’s in for a treat. Paris gives him a kiss before walking onto the field. Zende gawps as Paris is announced as the singer of the national anthem.
Zende, paris Dodger game B&B

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In the Forrester office, Steffy watches Thomas, who is stunned to see Paris seeing the national anthem and who becomes glued to the screen. A smile creeps across his face as she concludes and the crowd roars their approval. Steffy and Thomas marvel that they had no idea she could sing like that. Steffy says he’s a powerhouse and is beautiful, inside and out. Thomas murmurs, “She really is.” Thomas has never met anyone like her.

At the ballpark, Zende hoots and hollers, “Go Paris,” as she wraps up her performance. Paris runs over and he picks her up in his arms.
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In the cabin, Liam and Hope are without the children and he’s cancelled his afternoon meeting. He teases that he can take off for a while and give her some “me” time, but Hope replies, “Don’t you dare.” They start kissing. After sex, they canoodle half-naked and express the many reasons they love each other. Liam vows never to take the little things for granted ever again.
Liam, hope canoodle after sex B&B

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