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At Forrester, Thomas has a new sketch for Hope to see. Hope can see his excitement; he’s proud of that design and he should be. He watches her as she makes suggestions and Steffy walks in and notices. She asks, “What is going on in here?” Thomas says he’s showing Hope his latest design. She wonders if he’s actually trying to score brownie points with Hope. Hope teases that if he is, it’s working. Steffy checks out the design herself and though they’re in her office, she invites them to stay as she’d like to hear what Thomas is thinking; she’s sure he’s very committed to Hope and her success. Thomas shakes his head at her.
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In the design office, Paris got Zende’s text and asks what’s so urgent. He wanted to see her. She thanks him for getting her out of a boring meeting and notices his latest design. Zende asks for her honest opinion. She deems it “divine.” Zende moons over her as she says it’s fresh, fun and vibrant. He tells Paris he wants to kiss her… and does. After, Zende lets Paris know how valuable she’s become to everyone around there, but adds that no one is more impressed than him. They kiss again.
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Steffy notes Thomas hasn’t been out to see Hayes and starts an interrogation about his personal life. Hope would like to know about that too. Paris and Zende enter the office and he explains that his girlfriend was the inspiration for his latest design. Steffy misses having her at the cliff house. Paris will always treasure the time she spent there, but it was time to move out and move on. Thomas wants to see Zende’s design and has a couple of his own to show him. The two men and Paris file out. Steffy and Hope talk about how cool Paris is and agree that Zende seems very into her.

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In the design office, Zende and Thomas compare notes on their designs. Paris makes a suggestion about Thomas’ dress and he marvels that she’s right; that could work! He admires her unique perspective and can see why Zende’s so taken with her. “Forrester is lucky to have you.”
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Zende gets called away and Thomas tells Paris he’s glad they’re alone — there’s something he wants to say to her. He wants to clear the air about Zoe. He used her to get to Hope and is sorry he hurt her. “I genuinely did care for your sister.” Paris replies, “You just cared about Hope more.” Thomas admits he loved her and wanted a family with her. He did things he regrets and Zoe paid the price. Though she moved on, he’ll always regret what he did to her. Paris believes him and notes that her sister hasn’t always been a saint either. She relays that Zoe’s turned her life around and from what she can see, Thomas has as well. They discuss his love for Douglas, which Paris thinks is beautiful. She prides herself on her instincts and Thomas teases, “What do your instincts say about me?”
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In the main office, Steffy muses to Hope that she and Thomas spend a lot of time together. Hope wonders why she’s curious. Steffy wonders if she’s picked up on anything… like is there a woman her brother’s interested in. Hope reminds her she was asking him earlier, just as Steffy was. Steffy thinks she’s covering for Thomas, but Hope swears she knows nothing. Steffy just wants him to find someone, and Hope realizes she’s worried about him falling back into old patterns. Steffy wants him to move on. He’s handsome and charming. Hope agrees and thinks it’s only a matter of time before he catches the eye of a lucky lady.

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In the design office, Paris tells Thomas that her instincts say he’s not all bad. He can see what Zende sees in her — she’s beautiful and has an incredible energy about her. Thomas understands why Steffy and Finn were sorry to see her go. Paris switches gears back to Thomas’ love for Hope and asks if it’s challenging to work with her considering the plans he once had. He admits it’s hard, and that’s why he dives into work to keep him occupied. Paris totally understands trying to put a lid on feelings and emotions. Talk turns back to the design and Thomas marvels, “You are really good!” He’s glad to get to work more closely with her and get to know her better. They smile at each other.

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