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At the Forrester mansion, Eric tells Ridge he’s tried everything and nothing helps. Ridge scoffs, so his solution is to let Quinn cheat? Eric hollers that it’s not cheating if it’s his idea — he doesn’t want to be alone in this house! Ridge yells that they’re all there for him; he won’t be alone, but “this one,” he gestures to Quinn, “Needs to be gone!” They go over Carter and Quinn initially refusing Eric’s proposal. Ridge doesn’t want to hear it and bellows at Quinn, “You need to get out of this house. Today!” Eric demands that Ridge drop this, he won’t be dictated to! Quinn questions why Ridge is making everything worse. Ridge argues that she could have said no, but she insists Eric pushed them together. Eric backs her up. Ridge repeats that she’s having sex with another man. He urges Quinn to take her ugly picture off the wall and go out the door. “And don’t come back.” Eric and Quinn glower at him.
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At Forrester Creations, Brooke and Katie dish on Eric giving Quinn a ‘hall pass’ to sleep with Carter. Brooke thinks it’s one thing for Eric to propose the situation but entirely another for Quinn to go along with it. Katie agrees that Quinn is disrespecting Eric on a very deep level. She feels that if Quinn wants to be with Carter she should leave Eric and be with him. Brooke’s glad Katie lives next door because Eric needs protecting from his crazy wife. Katie has been over a lot lately and has noticed an emptiness in him. She suspects he’s hanging onto this relationship because he fears being lonely.
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In the cabin, Finn tells Hope it’s nice to have someone to talk to about Sheila. They touch on Sheila’s text before Steffy and Liam come in. Steffy asks how everything went. “Did we miss anything?” They all sit and talk about the kids. Liam and Steffy thank Hope and Finn for making today so easy for them. Hope remarks that it’s no problem — they’re all one happy family and family always comes first. She glances at Finn. They all joke about Kelly’s favorite song that they’ve had to hear over and over again, before laughing that their kids are perfect. Hope marvels that there’s nothing like the connection between a parent and child. Steffy muses that there’s an exception. She muses to Finn that of all the people in the world, he got stuck with Sheila.
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In her room, Sheila waits to see if Finn will text her back — she knows he would if not for Steffy. “Come on, text me back.” The manager knocks on the door. He breaks the news that they need her room. Sheila’s not going anywhere until she sees her son and grandson. He’s pleased to hear that she texted him and touches her shoulder affectionately. Sheila relays she hasn’t heard back yet. The man keeps touching her as he urges her to give it some time. Sheila declares that one way or another she will be a part of her son’s life. She tends to get what she wants. The manager can see that and assures her he’ll talk to his boss about extending her stay in the room. He leaves and she goes back to hoping Finn will text her. She decides to send him a message saying she loves him and wants a place in his heart.
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In the cabin, Liam can’t imagine what the situation with Sheila has been like for Finn. He admits it’s been a struggle. They discuss Sheila’s claim of having a bond with her birth son and Hope recalls that she could “feel” Beth even though she’d been told she was dead — it can be strong. As they say their goodbyes, Finn receives Sheila’s text. In a moment alone, Hope wishes Finn good luck with everything and he thanks her.

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At Forrester Creations, Katie muses that Eric’s had so much heartbreak in his life. At this point, he shouldn’t be all alone. Brooke agrees; but he also shouldn’t be stuck in a loveless marriage with Quinn.

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At the Forrester mansion, Eric informs Ridge he doesn’t get a say in his life. “You’ve expressed you indignation.” He’s heard enough and wants Ridge to go home. Ridge protests and Eric screams, “Go home!” Ridge walks out and Eric looks up at Quinn’s portrait, shaken, as she watches with concern from behind him.

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