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At Forrester Creations, Brooke can’t believe what Katie’s telling her about Eric and Quinn, but her sister confirms it’s true — Eric encouraged Quinn to be with Carter. Brooke is taken aback at Katie buying into Quinn’s lies, but Katie informs her she didn’t — it was Eric who told her. Brooke gawps. Katie thinks Quinn is selfish. Eric tried to make it seem like he was okay with it, but she could tell he was hurting bad. Brooke urges Katie to be there for Eric. “He needs you, Katie. He does.”
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At the Forrester mansion, Eric asserts to Ridge that Quinn is telling the truth — he told his wife to be with Carter. Ridge persists until Eric hollers — does he have to say this out loud to him?! Ridge realizes his father can’t… Eric interrupts, “That’s right, I can’t. Not anymore.” That part of life is over for him but it doesn’t have to be for Quinn. Ridge marvels at Quinn playing his father so well that she has convinced him that she deserves to be in another man’s bed. He wants the hideous portrait taken down from the wall and hollers at Quinn that it’s game over. “Take your stuff and get out now!” Eric interjects, “That’s enough, Ridge. Quinn’s not going anywhere!” Ridge doesn’t back down and says he refuses to leave his father alone with the woman, which causes Eric to explode. Does Ridge not understand what it took for him to make this decision?! He has lived in that house with many people and Quinn is giving him what he needs now. She gets what she needs from Carter.
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Ridge tears up as his father talks about the fear of ending up alone and says he hopes this never happens to him. Quinn complains about what Ridge is doing to his father. Eric says Carter is a good man, which leaves Ridge speechless. Eric hollers again that this is his decision! Ridge again orders Quinn to get out. Eric runs down the list of people who have lived there and left and protests, “I don’t want to be alone in this house!” When he threw Quinn out he remembered what it was like to be alone there, so he asked her to come back — and she did. Eric walks over to Quinn as he tells Ridge, “We love each other. She fills my heart and drives away that dreaded emptiness that I felt on my own. This is my house. This is my life. I will not be alone.” Ridge looks on dumbfounded as Eric and Quinn share a tender kiss.
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In the cabin, Hope tells Finn he might as well hang out there until Liam and Steffy return. They share a laugh over the strangeness of their significant others being out together with their child. Finn marvels at all of the history of the Forresters, Logans and Spencers and notes that Hope has lived through all of it. “You survived.” Hope scoffs, “Barely.” Talk turns to the history with Hope, Liam and Steffy. She explains he’s loved them both, and she’s accepted that, but it helps that she’s married to Finn. The conversation works it’s way around to his birth mother and Hope muses, “Of all the people to have given birth to you… Sheila Carter.”
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In her room, Sheila fumes that all she has of Finn and Hayes is a photo. She’s being kept away from them… and it’s all because of Steffy! The concierge comes to the door to add on three more days to her stay. He muses that her date must have gone well. She reveals that it wasn’t a date — she met her grandson — and she’s not going anywhere until she sees him and her son again. Sheila explains she can’t go see them again because her son’s wife won’t allow it — she’s making her out to be some kind of villain! The concierge suggests she reach out to her son and leave the wife out of it… he may be feeling the same way.
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At the cabin, Finn tells Hope he knows he has to keep Sheila away from Steffy and the kids. Hope assures his there’s no judgment from her, but is stunned when he suddenly gets a text from Sheila. He reads the text aloud, which tells him she means him no harm but wants to be a part of his and her grandson’s lives. “Never doubt how much I love you, Mom.” Hope gawps, “Wow. How do you feel?” Finn’s priority is for Steffy and Hayes. It has to be. There’s too much history to overcome. Hope wonders if he’s trying to convince her… or himself. Finn admits he’d like to get to know her, hear her stories, and he has questions to ask — there has to be more to her than her crimes! She’ll never replace Li in his life, but he wants to know Sheila. He understands Steffy’s viewpoint, but the feelings are there. Hope assures him it will work out and gets up to give him a hug.
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In her room, Sheila talks to her precious son as she looks at her phone and wonders if he’ll respond.

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