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At the loft, Brooke explodes at Quinn and Carter for cheating on Eric again. Quinn denies it and tries to find out what Justin told them. Ridge yells that Justin caught them and then rails at Carter. He trusted him with his life — how could he do this to his dad?! Brooke recaps that Eric forgave Carter and now he’s gone and done this. Quinn finally hollers that they need to listen to them. They are not sneaking around behind Eric’s back. “He knows all about it!”
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Brooke declares that’s absurd and Ridge rounds on Carter for his take. Carter insists she’s telling the truth. Disgusted, Ridge says he can’t believe what’s happened to the COO since Quinn got her hooks into him. Quinn shouts, “Stop it!” She reiterates that Eric wants her to be with Carter. Ridge and Brooke are dumbfounded and Carter insists there’s a back story to this. They marvel that this should be good! Quinn explains that Eric can’t make love to her. Brooke’s not surprised given how she treats him. Quinn sighs — she means physically. “He has erectile dysfunction.” Quinn hollers at Ridge about why Eric being humiliated. Brooke rounds on Quinn for having no compassion for her husband and instead turning to Carter. Quinn vowed to Eric that was enough for her, but he insisted she be with Carter!
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Ridge scoffs, “I’m loving this.” He and Brooke still don’t believe them and accuse Quinn of concocting a story so they won’t go to Eric. Quinn yells that Eric tried to get Ridge and Brooke to leave this alone; they’re the reason they’re in this position! Brooke screams at Quinn, “Just. Stop. Lying!” Quinn comes undone and storms out of the loft, leaving Carter, Ridge and Brooke standing there with their jaws on the ground.

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At the Forrester mansion, Katie’s puzzled at Eric wanting to tell her the truth about him, Quinn and Carter. “Eric, what’s going on?” He explains that there’s more to the story than anyone understands. “There’s a reason that Quinn turned to Carter and part of the blame goes to me.” Katie thinks that’s ridiculous — Quinn made the choice to betray him. Eric finally admits he couldn’t perform in the bedroom. “I have erectile dysfunction.” He was in denial about it at first and pushed his wife away. “She knows now.” Katie’s sorry he’s having to deal with this, but she still doesn’t think it’s an excuse to have an affair with Carter. Eric agrees, “No it’s not. Not the first time.” Katie’s appalled that he seems to be saying it’s happening again.
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Eric explains that just because his sex life is over, it doesn’t mean Quinn’s has to be. Katie gawps — he’s condoning her affair? Eric replies that it’s more than that. “It was my idea.” Katie’s floored. “Eric…” It’s not something he ever imagined encouraging a wife of his to do, and he makes it clear that they resisted at first. Eric declares that he doesn’t want any outrage or for Katie to have a go at Quinn. Katie agrees, but is heartbroken for him 0151 this isn’t love, giving his wife to another man. She wonders what Carter is thinking. Eric asks her not to blame him; he has feelings for Quinn and Eric manipulated that. Still, Katie knows that having his wife in another man’s bed must be devastating. Eric is worn out and wants to go upstairs. Katie gives him a hug and leaves.
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An infuriated Brooke enters the Forrester office and slams her purse on the desk. Katie marvels, “Whoa.” Brooke relays that she’s furious with Quinn and Katie muses that she’s not happy with her either. Brooke proceeds to relay what she and Ridge uncovered. Justin caught Quinn with Carter and she lied that Eric wanted them to be together to try and cover her betrayal. Katie sighs. For once in her life, Quinn is telling the truth — about all of it.

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Quinn arrives at home, upset, and tells Eric to prepare himself. Ridge made some kind of a deal with Justin, who followed her to Carter’s loft and saw them together. He must have run straight to Ridge and Brooke, who then showed up to confront them. She’s so sorry! Suddenly, Ridge enters, slams the door and says, “Hey guys.” He tells his dad whatever she’s saying he shouldn’t believe her — Quinn is trying to cover another betrayal. Ridge relays that she’s cheating with Carter again and tried to tell them that it was Eric’s idea. Eric stuns his son by saying she’s telling the truth. “I told her to be with Carter.”

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