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At the loft, Carter wishes he’d gone after Justin. Quinn wonders how he even got in there. Carter worries that this is going to be a disaster as Quinn imagines he could be telling Ridge everything right now. She rants that they didn’t have to make this choice and frets if they got through to Justin. “He could twist this a million different ways.” Carter sighs, “And none of them good.”

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At Forrester Creations, Ridge demands that Justin tell him whether Quinn is betraying his father or not. Justin agonizes. Brooke joins them as Ridge barks at Justin to start talking. Brooke assures Barber that nothing he could tell them about Eric’s wife would surprise them and advises, “If you found out something about Quinn, you need to tell us.” Justin relays that Quinn drove to the beach. She parked out front, but when she went inside, they didn’t even shut the blinds. Brooke gawps, “They?” Justin continues, “I caught them together. She went to Carter’s.”
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At the Forrester mansion, Eric reminds Katie there’s to be no talk of Quinn or relationships… though he has to admit he’s wildly curious about hers. “How’s everything with you and Bill?” Katie reports that she’s alone since Will is at boarding school and it was rough with Bill in jail. She complains that he was just so reckless. She tried to shield Will, but it was a lot for a kid that age. Eric wonders if Katie still sees a future with Bill. She sometimes feels caught in an endless loop and theorizes that she keeps holding on because of Will, though a lot of it is about her. Katie remembers who she and Bill were when they first met, before Brooke, and before all those insecurities and doubts crept in. Eric tells her she shouldn’t feel insecure. Katie wipes away a tear, she’ll never really be able to forget that the man she loves gave his heart to someone else — she’s heard him say that Brooke is the love of his life. Eric’s heard him say things about Katie too. She just wonders if, given a choice, whether Bill would choose her. Doesn’t she deserve to be the love of someone’s life? “I don’t want to be the runner up.”

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Katie continues on about Bill’s frustrating traits. Eric gathers that she doesn’t feel she’s ever been heard by Bill. Katie thinks he hears what he wants to hear and wonders sometimes if they speak the same language. Eric’s had the same trouble with his wife. He urges Katie to open up to him about Bill so he can be there for her the same way she’s been there for him. Katie talks about being attracted to someone like Bill, which can be terrifying. She thought she could smooth out the rough edges, but at the end of the day, he likes who he is. Katie doesn’t think people change for others; you have to change for yourself, and she doesn’t think he wants to change. Eric thinks he’s a damn fool and declares that a man should do whatever he can to ensure his wife’s needs are met. He warns her against reconciling with him because she doesn’t want to be alone. Katie believes that’s what he’s doing with Quinn. “Where is she?!” She pleads with Eric to tell her what’s going on with him. “We’ve always trusted each other.” Katie can’t understand Quinn not being satisfied. Eric sighs, “She is. She’s more satisfied than ever.” He confesses he’s done something that he doubts anyone will understand. Katie insists she’d never judge him. Eric replies that if she does, he’ll understand. He will tell her the truth about him and Quinn — and Carter.
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At the loft, Quinn tells Carter she needs to go warn Eric that Justin could blow all of this up!
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At Forrester Creations, Justin confirms that Quinn and Carter were in the bedroom. Brooke squeals, “I knew it!” Justin explains he looked through the window and then interrupted them. He adds that they begged him not to tell him what he saw. Ridge can’t get over Carter doing this. Justin says they claimed they weren’t cheating. Ridge decides he’s going to confront them. Justin tries to stop him — he hasn’t told him everything they said yet. Ridge declares that they can explain it to him. Brooke pipes up, “I’m going with you!” Ridge tells Justin he did a good job today. “You did a good job for this family.”

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At the loft, Quinn agonizes about what this will do to Eric when this secret gets out. Carter nods. “You love him.” Quinn does, and she loves Carter too. Suddenly, Ridge knocks and hollers that he knows they’re in there. Carter sighs and opens the door. Brooke strides in, “How could you?” She accuses them of betraying Eric again. Quinn retorts that they’re not lying to him. “Eric knows, Ridge! He knows!”

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