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At Forrester Creations, Ridge tells Katie he hasn’t had an update from Justin yet. They puzzle over where Quinn is, what she’s doing, and who she’s doing it with. Ridge has his suspicions but hopes he’s wrong for his dad’s sake. Eric arrives and asks what they’re discussing so intently. Ridge begins complaining about Quinn going out while he’s at home and asks about their arrangement. “What’s going on with you and Quinn?” Ridge recaps that Quinn betrayed him with another man and Katie chimes in that they’re worried because he doesn’t seem happy. They just reconciled but are leading separate lives.

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Eric barks that he knows exactly where Quinn is and what she’s doing. “Drop this, Ridge! Drop it now!” Ridge insists that no one is attacking him, but Eric again asks him to stop this; he doesn’t want to hear another word. Katie concedes that he has a right to his privacy. “Can I still come over later?” Eric says she can as long as she doesn’t mention Quinn. Katie makes a helpless gesture to Ridge as she follows Eric to the conference room to meet the interns.
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In the design office, Zende and Paris share a kiss. She’s glad she stopped by. Zende says his day isn’t complete without one of her smiles. He asks how things are going at the beach and how long she’s planning on hanging out there. Paris lets him know that her time there has come to an end. Zende takes a work-related call and then disconnects. Paris sighs that he’s busy and she should go, but he still wants to know why she’s moving out of the cliff house now. Paris shrugs that it was time to move on. Zende’s all for it since it means more alone time for them. Paris would like that. They smooch. Zende supports her in anything she does and runs down her good qualities. “You’re also smokin’ hot!” Paris returns the favor, telling Zende he’s kind, caring and understanding. They embrace.

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At Carter’s loft, Justin expresses disbelief over the concept that Eric is encouraging Quinn to have sex with Carter. Quinn insists she’s telling the truth. Carter pleads with Justin to imagine their reaction when Eric suggested it, but he respects his wishes. Justin chuckles; of course he does, he’s the lucky recipient! Quinn hollers that they’re not asking him to accept this or condone it; just keep it to himself. Justin’s amused that they want him to pretend that this didn’t happen. Quinn protests that Eric thinks this is the answer to a very sensitive situation. They insist they both refused at first, but he convinced them. Carter explains that, put simply, Eric decided to put his wife’s needs before his own. Quinn asks Justin to consider what this would do to Eric if it got out — he has to keep this secret! They press Justin to understand how humiliating it would be for Eric and Quinn implores, “Please don’t tell Ridge!” After Justin leaves, Quinn and Carter pray they got through to him.
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In the cliff house, Steffy vows that Sheila won’t see her son or her grandson ever again. Sheila advances and Steffy shoves her backward. “You take one more step and I swear to God, Sheila, you’re going to be sorry!” Sheila puts up her hands, “Can we not just do this.” Steffy tells her to go. Sheila keeps pushing for her, as a grandmother, to see her grandson. Steffy informs her he’ll never know she exists. “Get out, before I throw you out!” Finn, having heard the shouting, comes in and asks, “Steffy, what…” He breaks off when he spots his birth mother. “Sheila.”
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Steffy relays she got past the guard and broke in as soon as he went surfing. Finn asks why she would do that. Sheila wants to know how Finn feels… about his mother. Steffy throws her hands up in exasperation. Finn confronts Sheila for ‘doing it again’ — putting herself between him and his wife. Sheila pleads that he and her grandson mean everything to him and begs him not to turn his back on her… on his mother.
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Sheila insists she’s a different person and isn’t the monster Steffy claims she is — all she wants is for Finn to give her a chance to prove it — an opportunity to have a meaningful relationship with her son; one they’ve missed out on for so long. Finn wants to believe what she’s saying is true, and hopes it is, but it doesn’t change that he stands with his wife. Sheila shakes her head, “No, don’t do this. Don’t let Steffy come between us.” Finn ushers Sheila to the door, opens it, and says, “Goodbye.” Sheila leaves. Finn goes to Steffy and holds her. “I’m sorry.” A fuming Sheila watches through the window.

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Justin arrives at Forrester Creations, where Ridge demands to know if he followed Quinn, where she went, and whether she was alone. Justin flashes to Quinn begging him to keep quiet. Ridge barks, “Justin! Was she unfaithful to my father?”

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