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At Forrester Creations, Quinn gets a text message from Carter who can’t stop thinking about her and wants to know when he can see her again. She nearly jumps out of her chair with Eric appears. He guesses she got a message from Carter and urges her to go. She heads out and Ridge arrives in time to see their awkward parting. He asks Eric to ask what’s going on with him and Quinn. He understands that his father forgave her, but he doesn’t trust her. Eric does, and he’s happy with the arrangement they have. Ridge doesn’t know what he means and questions if he’s happy. Eric barks, “Leave it alone!” and asks his son to respect his privacy.
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Ridge steps away and texts Justin to alert him that Quinn is leaving the building. Justin replies that he’s on it. Ridge tells Eric he respects his privacy, he’s just worried about him. Katie enters and asks what’s going on. Ridge replies, “That’s what I’m trying to figure out” Eric repeats that he wouldn’t have taken Quinn back if he didn’t want a life with her. Ridge argues that his body language shows she doesn’t bring him joy. Katie reminds Ridge that Eric is capable of making his own decisions. Eric suggests his son listen to her. Katie admits she’s concerned about him as well… and is there if he ever wants to talk. Eric invites her to come over this evening since Quinn will be out. He leaves for a meeting after telling Ridge he loves him too. Ridge turns to Katie and asks, “You heard that right? Quinn is going to be out again.” Katie replies, “Yeah. Strange.”
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At the cliff house, Paris has something to tell Finn. She’s feeling a lot of joy and appreciation… she’s happy he and Steffy are back together the way they should be. Finn feels like there’s more going on. Steffy appears and Paris announces she has something to tell them both. “It’s time… for me to leave.” She explains, “It’s best for everyone if I move out.” They’re puzzled, but Paris says she wants to go before she feels she’s taking advantage. “I adore you and your kids, that’s why it’s time for me to leave.”

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Finn asks if Paris has a place lined up. She’s working on some leads and will be fine. Paris gushes about how committed Finn is to Steffy and how lucky they are to have each other. They assure Paris they’ll miss her and so will the kids. Paris has to return a call about a place now and if it works out, she’ll be packing up her things. Steffy hugs her, and then Paris hugs Finn with a sad look. Steffy and Finn canoodle and she says Paris is right about their strength as a couple. Finn agrees they’re in a good place, then teases that he’s talking about the beach house. She knows he wants to go surfing, so kisses him and sends him on his way.
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Quinn knocks on the door of Carter’s loft. He opens it, and takes her hand to guide her inside. In the hallway, Justin tiptoes up to listen at the door after Carter closes it. Inside, Carter laughs when Quinn says she thought they could just talk. He suggests they pick up where they left off the other day and pulls her into a deep kiss.

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At Forrester, Katie and Ridge debate what’s going on with Eric. Ridge feels he seems defeated. They go over how kind and generous he is. Ridge worries there are people who might take advantage of that. Katie will talk to Eric tonight. Ridge may find out more information before then and admits he has someone checking up on Quinn.
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Alone in the cliff house, Steffy is startled when Sheila suddenly says, “Hello, Steffy,” from behind her. Steffy rails, “You are not welcome here! Get out of here! Now!”

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In Carter’s bedroom, he and Quinn kiss tenderly and then start undressing each other. As they continue kissing, Justin peers in through the window blinds from outside and shakes his head. He makes his way back to the loft door and lets himself in before silently creeping up the stairs. In the bedroom, Carter asks Quinn, “Are you sure?” She replies, “Mmhm.” Suddenly, the door bursts open and Justin intones, “You’re busted!”
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