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At the cliff house, Steffy tells Finn the kids are worn out after their time on the beach. She wonders where Paris is, and Finn says she’s gone upstairs but will be back. On the stairs, Paris listens as they discuss what a joy and a help she is. She joins them and warns them to be careful what they wish for—she may become the guest who never leaves. Paris apologizes for eavesdropping and tells them what they’ve brought to her life. “You guys are the best… from my heart.” Finn slings an arm around Steffy and squeezes her as they smile at Paris.

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Paris reflects about how things have worked out with Zoe leaving and her ending up in this beautiful place on the ocean. It’s not just about the location, it’s the love and laughter. “I’m lucky to be living here.” They return the compliment saying it’s great to have her energy there. Steffy asks how it’s going with Zende. Paris explains it’s going well and she’s enjoying working with him… and Thomas. Finn gets up and searches for sunblock to ride the waves. He offers to teach Paris at some point. She’ll definitely take him up on that. They talk about the kids and Steffy tells Paris they really do love her.
Finn, Steffy, Paris home B&B

Steffy goes to do a phone conference in the bedroom and Paris asks Finn if he needs help finding the sunblock. He urges her to relax; she’s done enough today. She enjoyed every minute of it. Finn remarks on what a positive person she is—she’s earned a special place in their hearts.

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In the cabin, Douglas and Thomas laugh over a video game while Hope works. She tells Thomas how happy she is that they’re working together and Douglas pipes up, “See daddy, you make mommy happy!” Thomas smiles, “That’s what I live for.” Hope takes a call from Liam, who is having a blast with Beth. She disconnects and tells Douglas it was a great idea for Beth to spend time with her daddy. Douglas agrees—he gets to spend time with his mommy and daddy. Thomas and Douglas head outside to play as Hope beams.
Hope, Thomas, Douglas hang out B&B

Douglas and Thomas return, and Thomas talks Hope For the Future designs with Hope. He’s been really impressed with Zende; he’s stepped up his game lately. Douglas remarks on how happy Hope has been lately and remembers how she cried when Liam was away. He doesn’t know where he went but he’s glad he’s back.
Douglas, Thomas cabin B&B

Watching Douglas play out the window, Hope and Thomas enthuse about the boy. She thanks him for sharing his son with her. Thomas opines that after all he’s been through, he’s turned into this, sort of, wise old man, but she’s an incredible mother. He echoes Douglas’ sentiments about Hope seeming happy. Hope credits Thomas for bringing out the truth so she could put her family back together again. Thomas has always cared about Hope but now the way he loves her is healthy. All he wants is her happiness and she’s the happiest he’s ever seen her… which makes him happy.

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Hope knows Thomas’ feelings for her are complicated and lets him know she values their friendship. What he did to bring Liam home was selfless. Thomas did some things he’s not proud of previously, but he’s better now and Douglas is happy and secure there at the cabin. “I love him so much; he’s my number one priority.” His other priority is Hope’s happiness. Hope is so glad things are easy between them now—she’s really been enjoying co-parenting and working together. Thomas agrees they’ve had some good times and he’ll always cherish those memories.

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At the cliff house, Paris is staring at a photo of Finn when he reappears with the sunblock and asks her to do his back. She caresses his shoulders, neck and lower back as she applies it. He turns to face her and asks, “Why stop there?” She runs her hands over his chest and abs and he takes her face in his hand. “You are so beautiful.” Paris reminds him he’s married, but he says he’s never met anyone like her and needs her in his life. They’re about to kiss when Finn actually enters the room and snaps her out of her daydream about him. Paris tells him he’s amazing — he’s handsome, smart, a wonderful husband and dad, he’s even a doctor — the complete and total package. “Steffy is so lucky to have you.” Paris informs him there’s something he needs to know, and it’s not easy for her to say… Finn urges, “Tell me.”

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