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In Forrester’s design office, Quinn murmurs to Carter, “this still feels so wrong.” Carter reminds her that her husband wants this for her… and they want it.

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In the main office, Katie and Brooke continue their worrying about Eric, who is doubting if he’s good enough for him. Katie decides she’ll go see him again. Brooke snarks that if his cheating wife won’t be there for him, someone should. Ridge comes in as Katie leaves and Brooke relays that she’s also seen a change in his father. “She plans to do something about it.” Brooke complains to Ridge that Quinn still wasn’t home when Katie went by last night, and Ridge laments that he’s just holed up in the house. “Something is wrong, but I can’t get him to open up.” Brooke muses, “Maybe Katie can.”
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At the Forrester mansion, Eric is looking up at Quinn’s portrait when Katie knocks and enters. She learns that Quinn isn’t there and admits she’s there to check on him. Eric assures her he’s having a productive day working at home. Katie asks where Quinn is and Eric explains she’s a work. Katie didn’t see her there. Eric reminds her that he and Quinn don’t have to do everything together. Katie fishes to find out how he feels about being alone. “I can see that you’re lonely even though you just reconciled with your wife.” Katie is worried about him—and his marriage. Eric doesn’t expect others to understand his connection to Quinn, but they have an arrangement, and it seems to be working. Katie’s puzzled—that sounds almost business-like.
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Eric talks about the difference in age and says Quinn has a lot of chapters still to write in her life, while he’s contemplating wrapping his up. Katie is appalled at this talk—this isn’t who he is! She presses to find out if he’s happy. “Does Quinn make you happy?” Eric’s touched at how much his happiness means to her. Katie reflects that there was a time in her life when she was depressed; she’s not saying that’s what’s going on with him, but she understands. She asks him again if he’s happy with Quinn. Eric flashes to telling Quinn he has erectile dysfunction. Katie urges him to tell her what’s going on.
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Still in the design office, Quinn and Carter share a deep kiss. She reminds him they need to be careful; they’re still at the office. Carter agrees—the door is locked and that’s how rumors get started. They especially can’t have Brooke and Ridge finding out. Quinn feels it would blow their minds to find out that Eric wants this. Carter updates her that Eric spoke to him earlier. They marvel that he asked Quinn if they had sex. Quinn says he wanted to know and tells Carter he fulfills her in ways no man ever has.

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In the main office, Ridge and Brooke vow to protect Eric—if he’ll let them. She’s frustrated that he seemed to finally see Quinn for who she is and now he’s chained to her again. Ridge can’t understand him acting like he did something wrong. There’s a knock and Justin enters. Ridge wants him to make good on their agreement. Justin notes that Thomas didn’t press charges and asks, “What do you need?” Ridge explains it’s nothing to do with Bill. “This is about my dad.” Talk turns to Quinn and Justin learns Eric tore up the divorce papers and took her back. Ridge wants the ruthless Justin to follow Quinn and make sure she’s the loyal and loving wife his father deserves. If she meets with Carter or does anything else disrespectful to his father, he wants to know. Justin asks if she’s done something to make them suspicious. Ridge explains that Eric taking her back made no sense. Justin learns Ridge is enlisting his help because Quinn will never see him coming.
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In the design office, Carter’s stunned to hear that Quinn told Shauna about their arrangement. Quinn assures him that it’s alright and she told Eric. They need to keep this from everyone, but she’s so conflicted. Quinn loves two very different men—her husband and her friend and lover. Carter and Quinn kiss. She sighs, “Is this too good to be true?”
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In the main office, Ridge orders Justin to look into every corner of Quinn’s life—who she sees, where she goes. “She’s made a fool of my dad long enough.”

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