Carter, Quinn make love B&B
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At the loft, Quinn and Carter are still unsure if they can do as Eric has asked and have sex with each other. He assures her they can stop, but lets her know he doesn’t want to. Quinn appears to agonize but kisses Carter when he moves in close. Quinn gasps her approval and can’t deny she’s missed Carter. “This is torture, but I love you.” Carter slowly undoes her dress and slides it off her shoulders. She removes his shirt and he lowers her onto the sofa to make love.
Carter, Quinn kiss passion B&B

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At the Forrester mansion, Eric’s mulling over asking his wife to have sex with her ex-lover when Katie comes to the door. She’s taken aback to hear she’s not interrupting him and Quinn because his wife is out. Katie doesn’t get how he allowed his wife to come back into the house and his life. Eric insists it works for them. The brunette worries that he’s too forgiving and doesn’t want to see him taken advantage of. He reassures her, but Katie asks where the hell Quinn is and why he’s there alone. She questions if she’s on a girls’ night out given she doesn’t have friends. Eric halts the line of speculation and tells Katie he gives him too much credit. Katie has never seen him like this — it makes her worry that Quinn has broken him down and made him believe he’s not good enough for her. “She married well above herself.” Eric says it’s not her making him feel that way and ruminates that marriage is complicated.

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Katie’s shocked when he hints that he’s not giving Quinn everything she needs. She asks, “Are you talking sexually?” Katie assures Eric that they don’t have to get into it and just wants him to know she cares. Quinn did a messed up thing by having an affair so… Eric cuts her off and explains he’s frustrated with himself. Katie reminds him he’s Eric Forrester and doesn’t have to compromise. She runs down his accomplishments and exclaims, “You’re a freakin’ legend!” Katie hates seeing him like this and urges him to tell her what’s going on. Eric says it’s late and thanks her for listening. They hug and she reminds him she’s right next door if he needs anything. Once alone, Eric looks up at Quinn’s portrait.
Katie, Eric smiles B&B

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At the cliff house, Steffy and Finn finally have gotten the kids to sleep and talk turns to becoming intimate. Finn’s certain he can muster the energy. As they canoodle, Finn teases that he loves Steffy’s bedside manner; she might have missed her calling. She laughs that there’s only room for one doctor in the family and runs down what an amazing man and father he is. It’s time she did something special for him. They kiss.
Steffy, Finn passion B&B

As they perch on the bed, Finn flirts, “You’re in a mood tonight.” Steffy talks about emerging unscathed from their crisis and says she knows how hard it was for him to cut ties with his birth mom. Finn won’t let Sheila or anyone else come between this. Steffy gushes that he’s amazing and Finn growls, “You did promise something extra special.” Steffy purrs, “Buckle up, it’s just getting started.” Finn watches from the bed as Steffy undresses and shows off her sexy new lingerie. An appreciative Finn muses, “When you said something special, you weren’t kidding.” Steffy crawls onto the bed and kisses his neck; she needed this as much as he did. Finn has forgotten how to talk. Steffy assures him they’re not going to do much talking and they begin making slow, passionate love.

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Quinn arrives home to the Forrester Estate and pauses to look at her portrait over the mantle before going upstairs. Eventually, she joins Eric in bed. He asks, “How was your night?” Quinn didn’t realize he was awake. Eric questions if she gave Carter his note. She did. Eric wants to know if they made love. Quinn resists answering and doesn’t want to talk about it, but concedes they did. Eric so wishes it has been him. “I love you so much.” Quinn tells him to never doubt how much she loves him. He holds her in his arms.
Eric, Quinn bed B&B

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Alone in his loft, Carter looks at the sofa and flashes to doing the deed with Quinn earlier. He picks up the crumpled note from Eric saying, “Tonight is yours,” and looks pensive.

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