Quinn, Carter kiss B&B
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At the loft, Quinn doesn’t know if it’s safe for her to come in. Carter says, “It’s safe.” Quinn explains she’s there because Eric sent her with sensitive material he needed to have right away. Carter thinks it’s odd. She holds out the envelope and their hands touch.
Quinn look Carter B&B

Carter opens the envelope to find a note that says, “Tonight is yours. Eric.” Quinn grabs the paper, says she loves her husband, and crumples it up. Carter takes her frowning face in his hands. He respects her decision to go back to her husband, but he keeps pushing them. “It wouldn’t be disrespectful now… would it?” Carter moves in close, and Quinn closes her eyes in surrender as they share a kiss. They pull away from each other briefly, and look at each other in silent agreement before resuming their passionate kiss, and moving to the sofa.

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At home, Eric sips a martini and looks up at Quinn’s portrait. He hears someone at the door and thinks it’s Quinn, but it’s Brooke and Ridge. He moans, “Come to take another crack at me?” Ridge notes he’s there drinking alone and asks where Quinn has gone. Eric reports that she’s out enjoying herself. Ridge asks, “She can’t do that with you?” Eric grouches that if she were there drinking with him, they wouldn’t like that either. He explains that they’re at different stages of their life and he doesn’t want to hold her back.
Eric, Brooke, Ridge B&B

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Ridge and Brooke question if Quinn’s taken away his self-confidence and Brooke rails that she’s just not good for him. Eric argues she’s been amazing, but the blonde is certain she’ll disappoint him again. Ridge insists they’re concerned about him. Eric says they can stop—Quinn’s not the problem. “I am.” They go back and forth a bit more until Brooke says they don’t mean to be tiresome; they just care about him. She doesn’t feel Quinn is right for him and they don’t want to see him hurt ever again. Brooke pulls him into a hug, and then they leave.

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At the cliff house, Paris stops eating when she spots Finn with his shirt open. He reports that Steffy fell asleep with the kids and talk turns to Sheila. Every time she’s mentioned he hears the fear in Steffy’s voice. For her to be so adamant about keeping his birth mother away from Hayes… Paris interrupts to ask, “How do you really feel about all of this?” Finn tries not to think about how he feels, but she doesn’t think that’s a good idea. He admits he’s conflicted. Yes, Sheila’s his birth mother, but he doesn’t know her and the Forresters do. She’s psychotic and is a threat to his family. She might even try to take Hayes.
Finn conflicted B&B

Paris shrugs that people change. Finn believes that too, but all he can do is listen to his wife and honor her wishes and instincts. Paris can only imagine how difficult this is for him. She probes that part of him must want to get to know Sheila, and thinks it sucks that he can’t share that with Steffy. After letting Finn know he can talk to her any time, Paris laments that his wife is unable to find middle ground and questions if cutting ties with his birth mother forever is how he wants to handle this. Finn admits the whole thing has been surreal, but he can’t take chances with his son’s welfare. Paris admires him for standing by Steffy.

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When Finn’s out of the room, Paris fantasizes that he tells her how much she’s come to mean to him and they nearly kiss. Finn snaps her out of her reverie and back to the present and pays her a compliment.
Finn, Paris close fantasy B&B

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