Quinn tears B&B
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At the Forrester mansion, Quinn doesn’t know what to say. Carter feels Eric’s not thinking straight—to make this request and then to go upstairs and… Quinn marvels that he still wants to be her husband, but wants them to… She trails off.

In the bedroom, Eric looks at a photo of him and Quinn together on his phone. He flashes to telling Quinn and Carter to have sex if they want it, and then looks at the empty marital bed.

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Downstairs, Carter muses that when he got Eric’s text earlier this was not what he imagined. Quinn laments him being put in such an awkward position. Carter wonders if it’s a test, but Quinn thinks he means it. Carter feels it shows how much he loves her. “He said tonight is ours.”
Quinn floored B&B

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At Forrester Creations, Katie, Brooke and Donna debate how Eric could possibly be happy with Quinn after all the betrayal. Brooke thinks he needs a wife he can trust and looks pointedly at Donna. Katie can’t believe Eric took Quinn back after her affair with Carter. Brooke exclaims that Quinn just keeps taking and taking. Donna figures he’s trying to salvage what they have left. Brooke wonders what more he could possibly to do make Quinn happy.
Brooke discuss Eric B&B

As the conversation continues, Brooke questions why Eric should be stuck in a cold, dysfunctional marriage. She decides to call him.

In his bedroom, Eric takes Brooke’s call and says he hopes everything is okay. Brooke says she’s with Katie and Donna and they wanted to tell him they’re thinking about him. Hellos are exchanged, and Brooke gets to the point—they’re not fans of his wife and wonder why he took Quinn back after she cheated with Carter. Eric tries to get off the phone. Donna, Katie and Brooke tell him how special he is and that he’s perfect the way he is. All they’ve ever wanted is his happiness and they don’t want him to be stuck in a loveless marriage. Eric assures them he’ll be fine and signs off.

At Forrester, Donna thinks Eric sounded a little down—like he’s alone. Katie thinks the little pep talk was harmless and they titter about giving him the late-night phone call. Donna figures he wasn’t alone and that was why he was distant.
Katie, Donna Brooke call Eric B&B

In his room, Eric gets into bed alone and turns out the light.

In the living room, Quinn can’t understand how Eric could possibly think this is the solution to their situation. Carter agrees; it doesn’t feel right. Quinn muses that he must really feel like it’s the only way to save their marriage. It’s very loving and selfless… but they can’t; it’s wrong. Carter doesn’t disagree. “We’re not doing his. We can’t.” But it kills him, because he misses her so much. Carter misses touching her, kissing her, and making love to her. “I think about you all the time.” They clasp hands.
Carter can't do this B&B

Quinn gasps that she misses Carter too, but the time they spent together was terribly wrong and a betrayal of Eric. Carter agrees they can’t go back there—he’s going home. Quinn thinks it’s for the best and doesn’t want to talk about this again. She wipes away tears and says she has to go upstairs. Carter tells her she’s amazing and Eric is lucky to have her in his life. Quinn tells Carter he’s incredible in every way. “Goodnight.” Carter lets himself out and Quinn dabs at her eyes.

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Quinn joins Eric in the bedroom. He’s not asleep yet and tells her she’s incredible. Quinn is trying to process everything that happened tonight… and didn’t happen. Eric recaps that he can’t fulfill her with passion. Quinn assures him he’s more than enough. She kisses him and rolls over in the bed.
Eric Quinn bedroom B&B

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At his loft, Carter thinks back to being with Quinn and envisions kissing her and making love to her in front of the fireplace.
Carter Quinn flashback B&B

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At Forrester Creations, Brooke decides it’s time she got home to her sexy husband. Donna laments being single and they assure her she’ll find love again. Donna tears up; who is she kidding—there’s only one man for her—Eric Forrester.
Donna cries B&B

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