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At the Forrester mansion, Quinn asks Eric, “What are you saying?” Eric tells her he loves her deeply and planned this night for her. Carter wants to get out of their way, but Eric stops him. He has a big surprise for his wife, and Carter is part of it. Eric talks about the sexual part of his life being over… but says for Quinn, it’s just beginning.

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At Forrester Creations, Katie, Donna and Brooke marvel at how long it’s been since they sat down together to catch up. Donna muses that their lives are pretty busy, but hers is uneventful other than taking the kids for ice cream and discovering the flavor of the month. Brooke recalls when ‘the flavor of the month’ referred to men and asks if her sister has her eye on anyone. Donna doesn’t have anyone she’s actively pursuing, but admits, “I’d give it another go.” Brooke thinks she means Justin, but Katie hints she’s got the wrong ex-husband. Brooke realizes that Donna is talking about Eric. Donna dubs him the one man she never should have let get away.
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Katie can understand why Donna has never been able to let him go. Donna corrects that she has… it’s not like she’s pining away or anything. Brooke and Katie dig to find out how many dates she’s been on in the last year. Donna has tried dating sites, but nobody even comes close. Eric made her feel so spoiled and wanted. She grins, “My Honeybear could never get enough of me.” Brooke recalls that she lit a fire under him. She doesn’t see that with Quinn. Katie agrees, “I don’t even see smoke.” The Logan sisters giggle.
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At the cabin, Wyatt remarks to Liam that he no longer has to worry abut Liam, his dad or even him mom; it’s like everyone is back where they belong. Liam is skeptical about Eric and Quinn’s reunion, after all, Eric was about to throw her out! Wyatt knows his mother’s made some mistakes and Eric has been very forgiving. Liam thought it was over between them after Quinn cheated with Carter, but here they are. Wyatt believes it finally proves how deep his feelings run for her. “I think Eric would do just about anything for my mom.” The discuss the break-up and Wyatt confides there were issues in the bedroom before marvelling at Quinn, Eric and Carter all continuing to work together. Shrugging, Wyatt says he hopes it’s all in the past now that the three of them seem to have figured out a way to make their relationship work.
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At the mansion, Quinn is confused. She thought Eric was enjoying their evening and can’t understand why he invited Carter. Eric isn’t playing games; he takes very seriously her needs that he can’t fulfill. “I can’t ask you to sacrifice that part of your life.” He can be a loving husband and attentive partner, but he can’t… “I don’t have to spell it out for you, do I?” Eric’s aware of their connection and feels they should encourage that. Quinn gawps, “Encourage it?!?” “My sex life is over, but yours doesn’t have to be.”
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In the office, the Logan sisters try to make sense of Eric taking Quinn back. Donna knows she messed up her relationship with him and vows she would never make that mistake again given the chance. Katie feels Donna was much better for him than Quinn is. Brooke won’t tell Donna to sabotage the marriage — Quinn will do that on her own — but urges her sister to let Eric know that she’ll be there for him when she does. She claims she’s not rooting for that marriage to end. Katie blurts, “Yes, you are!” Brooke insists she doesn’t; not if it’s what Eric really wants. Katie muses about Quinn being lucky due to Eric’s capacity for love.
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At the mansion, Quinn rails that she’s not going to turn to another man… Eric stops her and becomes emotional. He doesn’t like this, but he can’t do the things for her that a younger man can. He gestures toward Carter, “This man.” Carter sees how much Eric loves his wife, but can’t be a stand-in for him. Eric reminds Quinn that she turned to Carter in the first place; now it doesn’t have to be behind his back. Quinn protests; she’s willing to give up anything to be with him. He doesn’t want her to give up her sexuality and sensuality. It’s what drew him to her in the first place, but things have changed. Eric could keep up with her before, but not anymore. He tells Carter, “I know how she feels about me, and I know how she feels about you. We’re all adults here, it’s okay.” He says to Quinn and Carter, “The night is yours if you want it,” and walks off. Quinn and Carter stare at each other, stunned.

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