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In Sheila’s hospital room, she goes on to Finn that he’s her son; they have the same DNA and are connected. Steffy protests, “Don’t listen to her.” She wants him to walk out of there and never see her again. Sheila snaps at her to let Finn make his own decisions and pleads with him not to cut her out of his life.
Steffy, Finn Sheila hospital B&B

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At the Forrester mansion, Quinn tells Eric that his romantic dinner is amazing and that sex isn’t everything. He rolls his eyes. “If only…” Quinn thinks maybe tonight will be the night that changes everything. Eric seems skeptical.
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At Forrester Creations, Carter changes his shirt in the office and Ridge confides that he’s worried about his dad. He’s trying to get used to the idea that Eric forgave Quinn and took her back. Carter was surprised too. Ridge barks that he should be surprised after what she did. Carter expresses how much he wants the two of them to work out. “They belong together.”
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At the Forrester mansion, Eric and Quinn share a slow dance. She looks into his eyes and asks, “Is everything okay?” Eric replies, “What could be wrong… dancing here with my beautiful wife?” He compliments her incomparable beauty and they embrace, but Eric looks sad over her shoulder.
Eric, Quinn slow dance B&B

Back at Forrester Creations, Ridge tells Carter he doesn’t buy Eric and Quinn belonging together, not after everything went down. Carter recaps the perfect storm that brought him and Quinn together. Ridge shrugs that Eric is romancing Quinn tonight, so they’ll see. He exits and Carter gets a text.
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At the mansion, Eric apologizes for leaving Quinn for a moment; there was something he had to do. Quinn lets him know that she will always be by his side. She loves him with all of her being and there is no challenge out there they cannot overcome. Quinn vows she’ll never let him down again. “My commitment to you is 1000%.” Eric knows that now… more than ever. She kisses and hugs him. Eric looks pensive.

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At the hospital, the doctor interrupts Steffy, Sheila and Finn’s bickering to announce that all Sheila’s test results are normal and there are no issues. As the doctor exits, Steffy scoffs, “See? She’s fine! She played you, Finn. Oh did she play you…”
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Once Sheila is dressed to go home, Steffy reiterates that the whole thing was a hoax. Finn’s just glad Sheila is okay. She’s grateful he cares about her. Finn knows he owes them both an answer and declares that there’s only one decision he can make. He certainly hopes Sheila didn’t fake her collapse, but he’s glad she’s okay. Sheila is proud to call him her son. Finn recaps how shocked he was to learn she was his birth mother — he had so many questions and then, suddenly, there she was. “It was overwhelming to say the least.” He’s glad they met, but his commitment is with Steffy and their family. Finn wishes Sheila the best but he can’t see her again and she can’t be a grandmother to his son. Sheila asks him not to shut her out, but Finn repeats that he can only wish her the best, and walks away.
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Sheila presses Steffy to change his mind and insists she’s a good person. “Just meet me in the middle somewhere. Give me a chance and I will show you I mean no harm. I just want to know my son and my grandson.” Steffy snaps, “Goodbye, Sheila,” and exits. Sheila flies into a rage.

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At the Forrester mansion, Eric worries about the needs Quinn has that may only be met by making love. Quinn reminds him they don’t know what the future holds and assures him she’s happy. Eric says her happiness and well-being will always be his concern. Suddenly, Carter enters — he got a text from Eric, who explains, “I asked Carter to join us.” Both Quinn and Carter are perplexed. Eric knows how close they’ve become. Quinn doesn’t want to rehash that. Eric isn’t about to do that. This is about him not being able to be the husband to Quinn that she deserves. Carter worries, “Are you sick?” Quinn gapes, “Why are you doing this?” Eric informs Carter that he’s not able to satisfy my wife. “You see what I mean, don’t you?” Carter stammers, “Yes. I don’t know what to say, Eric. I’m sorry.” Quinn asks why Eric is telling Carter all of this. Eric’s come to the conclusion that just because his sex life is over, that doesn’t mean Quinn’s has to be… Quinn and Carter reel.
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At the cliff house, Finn apologizes to Steffy for sending the heart emoji to Sheila; he truly believed she was out of their lives. He knows now that it was the wrong call. Steffy understands he was curious; it’s a normal reaction, but Sheila is far from normal. The fall proves she is still a twisted, obsessive woman. Steffy warns they still need to be vigilant — she won’t just walk away quietly. Steffy’s happy he put their family first. Finn replies, “Always.” They embrace.
Steffy Finn embrace B&B

In her room, Sheila rants about “them” throwing her away like she’s trash. She will be a part of this family. Finn is her son and Hayes is her grandson and she will be a part of their lives. She rails, “And you better not try to stop me, Steffy, or you will pay. You will pay dearly!”

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