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In Sheila’s hospital room, she taunts Steffy over the heart emoji. “My son loves me, Steffy. That text proves it.” She insists that she will be a part of her son’s life and there is nothing that Steffy can do to stop that from happening. Steffy narrows her eyes at Sheila.

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In the corridor, Paris sympathizes with Finn having to see his birth mother collapse. He feels bad that it happened when he was telling her to get out. Finn doesn’t see how he can have a relationship with Sheila, and Paris reminds him he’s not the one who invited her to the house. Talk turns to the heart emoji and Paris remembers that Steffy still doesn’t know about it. Finn doesn’t want to upset her further.
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In Sheila’s room, she insists she was about to leave town when Finn sent the heart emoji. Steffy argues it doesn’t prove anything. Sheila points out that today her son came to her aid and took care of her — that tells her more than any text ever could.

At Forrester Creations, Ridge has brought Eric and Quinn up to date on Sheila passing out on Finn. Eric feels he’s going to feel guilty about it and Quinn agrees — it’s a classic Sheila move. Eric asks Ridge about the restraining order and he, in turn, directs the question to Carter, who has just walked in. Carter reports that they have a hearing date for it. They let him know that Sheila’s running a game on Finn and showed up at the house again. Ridge fears her wanting to get close to his grandson. He fumes that they have to get control of the situation. Quinn figures Sheila will stay at the hospital as long as she’s getting attention from Finn. Eric’s concerned about Steffy and Finn’s relationship. Quinn muses that it Sheila provokes her, Steffy will not hold back. Eric and Ridge are holding out hope that Finn will do the right thing. Quinn and Carter exchange a glance. Eric and Ridge get called away, leaving them alone.
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Carter asks Quinn how she’s doing. The last time they were together, he got the sense something was going on. He assures her that after all they’ve been through, she can talk to him. Quinn thinks it’s kind of him to be concerned. Carter reminds her how much he loves and misses her. “I think about you all the time.” He’s sure she’s happy to be back with Eric, who undoubtedly can’t get enough of her. Quinn’s face falls. Carter urges her to open up to him as Eric returns and listens outside the door. Quinn says she wants to talk to Carter but she can’t. She assures him that Eric loves her and tells her every day.
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Still in the hospital hallway, Paris wants to know how Finn’s doing. He admits seeing Sheila like that shook him up. She lets him know if he ever needs someone to talk to, she’s there for him. Paris pulls him into a big hug and smiles to herself.

In Sheila’s room, Steffy informs the woman that Finn knows she can’t be a part of his life. “You’re manipulating him!” Sheila counters that Steffy is the one controlling him, not her. Steffy is protecting her family. Sheila insists that Finn loves her and wants her in his life. “This is hurting Finn, you have to be seeing that!” Steffy turns her back and Sheila dials up the heart monitor. Steffy turns back and hollers that her twisted fantasy of being in Finn and Hayes’ life is not going to happen. “It ends now!” Sheila works herself up arguing with Steffy and sets off the alarm. Finn rushes in to Sheila’s side. She pants as though in crisis but manages a mocking smile at Steffy.
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Once Sheila is stabilized, she tells Finn that Steffy attacked her and said the most terrible things. Steffy scoffs that she just got Finn in here to make her look bad. Sheila complains that Steffy wants to keep her from Finn. Steffy wonders if she’s forgotten the things she did to her family. Sheila retorts that this isn’t about that; it’s about what she saw. Sheila explains to Finn why she had to show her the text. Steffy believes it was a mistake and asks Finn to confirm that he did not send her a heart emoji. Sheila grins as he stares at Steffy like a deer caught in headlights.

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Finn finally confirms that he sent the message. Steffy rants that by doing that he let her back in — this woman is dangerous and evil. She’s trying to protect him and their children. Steffy declares that Sheila is a sociopath and he has to walk away from her! Sheila interrupts to complain to Finn that Steffy is the one making demands here, not her. She regrets the things she’s done, but the Forresters were always trying to make people dislike her… just as Steffy’s doing now. Steffy yells at Finn not to listen to her, but Sheila keeps on about how she thought of Finn every day and wonders if it’s a crime to want to speak to him; to care for him. She takes his hand and says, “I love you. I have always loved you and I always will. I want to know you. I want to know you. I want to be part of your life. I want to know the little boy I brought into this world.” Steffy closes her eyes and shakes her head as Sheila croaks, “I think deep down, you want to know me too. Please don’t walk out that door. Don’t do it. Don’t leave your mother.” A visibly emotional Finn turns to look at an outraged Steffy.

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