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In the hospital, Steffy and Finn step aside from Sheila’s bed. Steffy insists it’s an act and his birth mother is playing him. He stammers that they’re waiting on test results, but Steffy protests, “It’s not real!” She tells him Sheila is a pro at this and urges him to walk out of there with her. In the bed, Sheila twitches in anger. Outside, Finn insists to Steffy that, like it or not, Sheila is his birth mother. “I told her that I would be here. I can’t just abandon her.” Sheila smiles.
Finn, Steffy freak out hospital B&B

At Forrester Creations, Brooke and Ridge are concerned about what more Sheila might be capable of and Brooke worries about the strain she’s putting on Steffy and Finn’s marriage. She thinks it’s unfortunate that Ridge’s daughter is caught in the middle and says Finn needs to show better judgement. Ridge hopes Sheila’s latest stunt doesn’t derail their relationship.

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In the design office, Paris and Zende debate Finn’s decision to allow Sheila to hold see the baby. Paris concedes that he may have made a mistake, but he’s otherwise just about perfect. Zende teases, “More perfect than me?” Paris assures her boyfriend he may be a just a hair better… but only a hair. Zende thinks she’s kinda crushing on Finn.
Paris, Zende B&B

Paris and Zende enter the main office in time to hear Ridge tell Brooke’s he’s texted Steffy to find out what’s going on at the hospital. They get brought up to speed on Sheila’s collapse and Ridge explains that Steffy went over there as she didn’t want Finn to be manipulated any more than he already has been. Paris remembers something she has to do and leaves. Brooke and Ridge tell Zende that Finn hasn’t listened to their warnings, but Steffy won’t allow Sheila to work her way back in. Brooke wonders if Paris is concerned about Steffy and Finn since she lives with them. Zende insists she doesn’t want anything or anyone to come between Steffy and Finn.
Zende, Paris questioned B&B

At the hospital, Steffy presses Finn to understand that Sheila is pulling a scam and exploiting his feelings. “Don’t let her suck you in, okay?” She warns that the more he makes Sheila feel like she’s his mother, the more she’s going to be fixated on this. “You’re going to keep feeding the monster and you can’t do that!” Steffy insists they need to just go, and he must never see Sheila again. Finn argues that people don’t just collapse for no reason; there might be something underlying. He says he’ll be right back, and exits. Steffy stands over Sheila and says Finn left; she can drop the act now. “Open those eyes and look at me. Because you’re going to hear exactly what I have to say.”

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In the hospital corridor, Paris appears and tells Finn she heard about Sheila and came to see how he was doing. He updates her that Sheila is resting comfortably and admits it was a little scary. She was standing there and then she got upset… He thanks Paris for coming. She assumes Steffy isn’t giving him much support.

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In Sheila’s hospital room, she thinks that Steffy needs to get the hell out. Steffy mocks that Sheila’s nursing degree finally came in handy. She tells her that Finn may have fallen for her charade but she hasn’t. “I know exactly who you are.” Steffy claps at her to give it up and wake up. Sheila thinks to herself that Steffy is as relentless as her grandmother and decides she’ll do what it takes to shut her up. She pretends to come to and whispers for Finn before asking, “Who are you?” Steffy isn’t buying it; she knows Sheila’s been listening the whole time. Sheila gasps for water. Steffy pours it, puts in a straw and cringes with a look of disgust as she gives Sheila a drink. “There’s nothing wrong with you… physically. This fantasy that you’re clinging to that you’re going to be in Finn and Hayes’ life forever, you need to drop it. It’s not going to happen. All the deception and the lies, it ends here. Now.”
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At the office, Ridge updates Brooke and Zende that Steffy is alone with Sheila in her hospital room. Zende’s concerned. Ridge tells him he should be worried about Finn, who needs to get on board and start listening to his wife.
Brooke, Ridge questions B&B

In the hospital corridor, Paris understands why Steffy thinks Sheila would be faking, but also that Finn is concerned about her — she has no one else who cares if she lives or dies. Paris is there for him if he needs her. Finn muses that no matter how this plays out with Steffy and Sheila, he doesn’t see how anybody wins.

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In Sheila’s room, Steffy orders her to stay out of her home. Sheila wanted to see her son. Steffy reminds her he asked her to leave and that’s when she pretended to black out. She’s trying to worm her way back into her family. Sheila sneers that Steffy has no sympathy — she could have had a heart attack. Steffy thinks her cold, dead heart will be fine and warns when Finn figures out this is a con job it will be over. Sheila argues that her son cares about her. Steffy rails that he’s never given her any indication of that! Sheila invites her to get her phone and see for herself. Steffy looks at the phone and sees the red heart emoji he sent as Sheila grins. “Like it or not, he loves his mother.” Narrowing her eyes, Sheila adds, “I will always, always be a part of my son’s life. There’s nothing you can do about it Steffy.” Steffy glares turns to glare at her in alarm.

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