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In Forrester Creations’ main office, Brooke and Ridge freak out after Steffy gets off the phone with Finn. “Sheila’s in your house again?!” Steffy exclaims that she’s in the hospital — with Finn. Ridge learns she showed up at the house and rails that he knew this was going to happen. “It doesn’t matter who raised Finn, she thinks she’s his mother; his only mother!” He speculates that she’s faking and declares that it’s classic Sheila Carter. Brooke interjects that Sheila is cunning and Steffy fears that despite everything they’ve told him, Finn is vulnerable to her. “I have to go.”

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At the hospital, Finn flashes through his promise to keep Sheila away and his confrontation with his birth mother at the cliff house before she collapsed. The nurse snaps him back to reality by saying she understands why he’s keeping an eye on the patient. “She’s a close relative right?” Finn tells her, “She’s my mother.” Sheila allows herself the smallest of smiles. The nurse exits and Finn worries that he caused Sheila’s collapse. She’s the woman he’s been wondering about his entire life and he can’t lose her now. When Finn turns away, Sheila flutters her eyes and whispers, “Finn?” He rushes to her side and says, “Mom? I’m here. I’m right by your side.” Sheila asks where she is and he tells her she’s in the hospital. Sheila recalls that she wanted to see him and Hayes but he wouldn’t let her because of Steffy — it literally felt like her heart was breaking in two. It’s the last thing she remembers before she collapsed. Sheila croaks weakly, “You stayed by your mother’s side,” and places her hand over his on the blanket. Finn looks at their hands and back at Sheila, who smiles.
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In Forrester’s design office, Paris finds Zende taking measurements on a model, who flirts with him. Paris teases that he’s in trouble… but she’s talking about the rhinestone belt, which takes away from the beautiful waistline. She suggests a beaded waistline and they banter. The model tells Paris she’s lucky having a guy like Zende as she exits. Zende and Paris kiss once they’re alone. Talk turns to Finn and Steffy’s issues and Zende remarks on Finn allowing Sheila to hold the baby. Paris defends him and reveals that Steffy cancelled their appointment at the court house. She thinks she’s treating Finn unfairly — she needs to realize how lucky she is to be married to a guy like that. Zende’s sure Steffy is aware and warns people are going to think she’s got a crush on the doctor. Paris scoffs, “Oh please, he’s Steffy’s husband.” She adds that Finn can’t help that Sheila’s his birth mother.
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In the main office, Ridge worries what he might do if he’s in the same room with Sheila, who always finds a way to cause trouble. “She wants to hurt my daughter now.” He wants that woman to rot in hell for all the pain he’s caused to the people he loves — is that too much to ask? Brooke feels the same way; Sheila is depraved and vile and this latest scheme proves how far she’ll go to stay in Finn’s life. Ridge adds, “And Hayes’ life.” He stresses — they have to deal with her. Ridge won’t let Sheila handle this by herself. He has to take care of this once and for all.
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In the hospital, Finn urges Sheila to rest; he’ll be right back. Once alone, she smiles. In the corridor, Finn tells the nurse that Sheila’s awake. She rushes off and Steffy appears. Finn assures her that Sheila is going to be okay. Steffy scoffs, “What do you mean she’s going to be okay — there was nothing wrong with her in the first place!” Finn protests; she didn’t see what he saw. Steffy asks him to describe what happened. He feels there isn’t time now. Steffy demands to see Sheila, who hears her coming and feigns sleep.
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Steffy looks at Sheila and snaps, “She seems fine to me.” Steffy informs Finn it was a ploy — she can’t wait for the test results. “She’s manipulating you, don’t you see that?!” Sheila grinds her teeth as Steffy goes on about how evil and manipulative she is and tells Finn to let go and walk away. “Not just for me and the kids, but you need to do it for yourself.” Sheila claws at the blanket and curses Steffy and she thinks, “Don’t listen to her, Finn. Don’t leave me. Don’t leave your mother!”

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