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In the cliff house, Steffy paces and then flashes back to marrying Finn and giving birth to Hayes. Finn interrupts her to ask if she wants to talk. He wants her to know how truly sorry he is — he never should have allowed Sheila anywhere near their son. Steffy admits it felt like a huge betrayal. Finn vows he won’t let Sheila, or anyone, come between them. He doesn’t want to blame his dad, but he made things much worse. He corrects, “I’m the one who made things much worse.” Finn wants to make things right. Steffy sighs, “It’s difficult.” Finn makes a pitch to reunite and get through this together. He presses, “We’ve got to move forward.”
Steffy, Finn talk B&B

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In Sheila’s room, she moons over the heart emoji that Finn sent her and thinks about how Steffy ruined her visit with Hayes. She flashes to Steffy slapping her repeatedly. “Steffy’s the problem. She’s the one coming between me and my son.” Sheila does some more thinking about Hayes and how good it felt to hold her grandson, a Forrester. She laughs and wonders if Stephanie is looking on from hell. She’s now a permanent member of the Forrester family and she’s not going anywhere. Finn and Hayes would deserve to be a part of her life, and they would be… if not for Steffy. Sheila gets an evil look in her eye.
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At Forrester Creations, Brooke, with Ridge, tells Eric they can’t help but be concerned. He stops her and asks them not to question his relationship with Quinn — there’s more to them than they understand. Eric informs them his love life is off limits!
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Once alone, Brooke and Ridge fume over Eric blaming himself for Quinn having an affair — it’s ridiculous! It had nothing to do with him!

At the Forrester Estate, Quinn and Shauna continue their conversation about Eric’s erectile dysfunction. Quinn wonders what she’s supposed to do — her husband may never be able to make love to her again! Shauna muses that it must have been quite a shock. Quinn confirms it was; he’s always been so virile. She feels it explains a lot, though, and recalls that she connected with Carter because Eric pushed her away. Shauna recalls that Quinn confided in her about her sex life with Carter — she must be thinking about what she gave up to reunite with Eric — she would be if she were in her position. Quinn winces, “Shauna, don’t.” Shauna persists. It’s okay to admit she misses that part of her life and misses Carter.

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Eric arrives at home and hides as she listens to Quinn tell Shauna that if she has to give up her sex life for him she will. “I love him that much.” Shauna respects that, but she just ended a very sexually-charged relationship with Carter — how will she go from that to 100% celibacy? Quinn wants to be committed to Eric; if she has to give up passion and sensuality, so be it. “I’d do anything for Eric.”
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At the cliff house, Steffy softens as Finn jokes about there being no air-conditioning in the guest house and compliments her gorgeous lips. They kiss. He assures her Sheila will leave them alone — even if she doesn’t, he’ll have nothing to do with her. “We won’t let her come between us.” Steffy agrees. She’ll allow him back in the air-conditioned house. Finn wants to celebrate, but Steffy has to go into the office. She’ll make it up to him tonight. They kiss again. Steffy tells Finn she loves him and walks out the door.
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Sheila, watching through the patio door in the kitchen, walks in when the coast is clear. Beaming, she calls out, “Finn!” He turns and looks mortified. “What are you doing here?!” Sheila takes a reassuring tone as she tells him she just wanted to see her son again! Finn won’t betray his wife and can’t allow this to continue. He calls her Sheila, but she wants him to call her ‘Mom’. He can’t. Finn reminds her that she promised she would leave. He warns, “My son and I will have no part of your life, Sheila, ever!” He turns to make a call, and Sheila passes out on the floor. Finn calls 911. “Her name is Sheila Carter. She’s my mother. My mom.” On the floor, Sheila smiles.

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Finn lays into Sheila B&B

Steffy arrives at Forrester Creations and informs Brooke and Ridge that Finn gets it — he understands the severity of the situation with Sheila — she’s not going to be a problem for them ever again.
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