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In the cliff house, Ridge and Steffy discuss Donna taking the kids for the day. Ridge can’t believe Finn would let Sheila in this house. Steffy admit she’s really worried about her relationship with Finn. Ridge is puzzled when she explains that they’re not officially married. They were supposed to go file their marriage certificate, but she couldn’t do it. Steffy reflects that everything was so good with Finn until that nightmare Sheila walked through the door. Ridge vows that she’ll walk right back out and that Hayes will stay with them.
Steffy, Ridge talk B&B

Steffy marvels at how quickly things can change — she can’t make her marriage official yet. She feels terrible about him staying in the guest house, but Ridge thinks she’s being fair — they need room to think. He believes they need to keep their guard up where Finn’s concerned. “We have to be concerned.” Ridge likes Finn, and believes he’s a good life partner for her; he’s in a tough spot, but he’s not sure that Finn realizes what this is doing to her. Steffy loves Finn but Sheila can’t be anywhere near there. Ridge states that Finn is going to have to realize that and respect it. He’s certain they’ll work it out and be stronger than ever. Steffy vows not to let anything come between them. Ridge hugs her.

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In the guest house, Finn accepts Paris’ hug. She can’t believe Steffy wouldn’t go with him to the court house — doesn’t she want to make it official? Finn becomes apologetic and Paris reassures him. He knows he shouldn’t have let Sheila come in the house or anywhere near Hayes, but Paris surprises him by saying she thinks Steffy is over-reacting. She’s not bashing Steffy, but feels that Finn will be out of there quickly once Steffy begins thinking clearly again. Finn recalls her look of shock and betrayal. Paris thinks it’s natural for Finn to feel conflicted. Finn’s loyalties lie with Steffy, but he worries that look of horror will always be in her eyes when she looks at him. Paris reminds him that the look wasn’t for him — Steffy loves him.

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Paris feels Steffy should understand that Sheila’s his biological mother; someone he’s wondered about his whole life. Paris points out that Finn saw Steffy through some difficult times, and she should be doing the same for him. She says Finn shouldn’t be staying in the guest house — he doesn’t deserve that! Paris thinks that even if he did let his birth mother in, who could blame him?! She runs down his good qualities and can’t believe Steffy didn’t race to the court house to make it official. “She’s so lucky to be married to such an incredible guy.”
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At Forrester Creations, Quinn assures Carter he’s not making her uncomfortable by telling her his feelings. Carter reflects that they were so close to building a life together. He misses her, but is happy for her. Carter imagines it must be amazing to be back in her husband’s arms. Quinn flashes to Eric’s erectile dysfunction issues and her expression gives her away. Carter asks, “Quinn, is everything okay?” He senses something is off and urges her to give it time. Quinn doesn’t look any happier so he asks if there is something she wants to talk about.
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Just then, Shauna walks in and asks why the two of them are behind closed doors. She points out anyone could easily misinterpret that. Quinn asks if she’s the door police and explains that she was telling Carter how happy she is to be back with Eric. Carter leaves to make some calls, and Shauna informs Quinn that she can tell something is weighing heavily on her. “What is going on? Tell me!” She wonders if Quinn’s not happy about being back with Eric. Quinn insists she is, and talks about what a forgiving and remarkable man he is. Shauna agrees, but knows something is wrong. Quinn gives her a look when she mentions passion and Shauna assumes that Eric still doesn’t want her in the bedroom. Quinn corrects her — he wants her but he… can’t. Shauna asks, “What are you saying?”

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Quinn balks at discussing it, but when Shauna jumps to the conclusion it’s about Carter, she decides she needs to talk or she’ll explode. Quinn explains that she wanted to show Eric that she loved him and never stopped — she put on lingerie but found Eric asleep on the couch. She didn’t think anything of it until the next morning he confessed that he desires her but he isn’t able to get aroused anymore. “Eric has ED. He can’t make love to me. He may never be able to make love to me ever again!”
Quinn, Shauna talk B&B

In the design office, Carter concludes a phone call and then comes upon photos of Quinn in a red dress. He flashes to the two of them expressing their love.

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