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At the cliff house, Steffy paces, deep in thought, before sending Finn a text to come to the house — she needs to see him.

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In the guest house, a shirtless Finn reads Steffy’s text. Paris appears and Finn confides he had a sleepless night — there isn’t even air conditioning. He shares that they have an appointment to go to the courthouse and file their marriage certificate, so Paris assures him they’ll get through this.
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At Forrester Creations, Carter is lost in a memory of him and Quinn expressing their love when she appears in the office. He snaps out of it and asks her not to go — he was just thinking of her. Carter asks about her homecoming with Eric and Quinn flashes to her conversation with her husband about erectile dysfunction. She tells Carter they had a lovely evening. “We just talked.” Carter feels that’s a good way to start. Quinn confides that it was actually very emotional. Wyatt enters, clearing his throat. “I thought I heard you in here… with Carter.” He reminds her not to screw up her reunion with Eric. Carter insists he was congratulating his mother and Quinn steers the conversation to urging Wyatt to make wedding plans with Flo. Wyatt leaves and Carter notes he seems genuinely pleased for her and Eric. Quinn muses that not everyone feels that way — Brooke and Ridge think their reconciliation is a terrible mistake.
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Quinn asks how Carter feels about her being back with Eric. Carter is happy for them but admits he misses her. Quinn muses that you think you know what someone is thinking and feeling, but then you realize you’ve got it all wrong. Carter thinks it must have been very fulfilling — being back home with Eric. Quinn looks down at the floor. Carter senses, “It’s not the same.” Quinn concedes that she and Eric both changed. “We’re just trying to be open and honest about all of it.” Carter asks, “All of it? Did you tell him about…?” Quinn drops a bracelet, Carter retrieves it, and their hands touch as he hands it back to her. She replies, “No. I didn’t.” Carter misses what they had. He misses lying in bed together, making love to her… He stops and apologizes if he’s making her uncomfortable, but she asked how he really felt. “And you are committed to Eric.”
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In the design office, Zende and Paris admire one of his gowns on a model. After the girl leaves, Paris thinks she was flirting with him, but Zende only wants to spend time with Paris. He gives her a kiss, and Paris confides that she’s worried about Steffy’s relationship with Finn. Zende gets brought up to speed on Finn allowing Sheila to hold Hayes and spending the night in the guest house. She thinks it was rather extreme on Steffy’s part and wonders how they’ll deal with this if she can’t even look at him. Zende figures they just need space, like they did; he’s sure they’ll patch things up. Paris says Finn is so good for Steffy — she has to see that and forgive him so they can move on.
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In the cliff house, Steffy tells Finn she didn’t get much sleep not having him in bed with her was awful. Finn apologizes for letting Sheila hold the baby — for one stupid moment he really did think he was protecting their family — but he was wrong and will do anything to make it up to her. Steffy recaps that he put their child in the hands of a monster who terrorized her family. Finn vows he won’t let her down again. He wants to go make their marriage official — it’s the perfect reset. Finn takes her hands in his and implores, “We need this, Steffy. We need it for us, and our future together.”
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Steffy tells Finn he changed her life; she’s grateful for that. She knew she could trust him and he never let her down — until now. Steffy reminds him that on their wedding day, she vowed to be there for him as he had been for her. They’re supposed to file their marriage certificate today, but she can’t do it knowing that Sheila’s out there. “I can’t go to the courthouse with you.” Finn protests, but Steffy insists he doesn’t know what Sheila is capable of — she knows she’ll keep trying to manipulate her way back into their lives! She can’t think about anything else until she can stop thinking about Sheila. Finn points out without the papers they’re not officially married. Steffy isn’t saying it’s not going to happen, but she can’t finalize their marriage today.
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Paris returns to the guest house and checks in on Finn, who is just back from a run. She asks how it went at the court house. Finn says it didn’t and adds, “I can’t believe it.” Steffy can’t finalize their marriage with Sheila still out there. “She can’t get past what happened with Sheila and Hayes.” Finn vents that from the moment they met he only had one goal — to make Steffy feel safe and secure. “And that’s not how she’s feeling. Not about Sheila and not about us.” Paris is so sorry and launches herself into his arms to give him a hug.

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Paris sides with Finn.

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