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In the cliff house, Steffy puts the kids to bed and hears a noise at the door. She opens it to reveal her father. Ridge got her text and asks why she’s not on her business trip. She cancelled it. Ridge guesses she knows about Eric and Quinn reuniting then. Steffy sighs — as if the day could get worse. Ridge asks where Finn is and Steffy relays she asked him to leave. “He’s spending the night in the guest house.” Ridge is surprised, but sure they’ll work it out. Steffy explains it’s bad — it’s about Sheila.
Ridge question Steffy B&B

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Paris comes upon Finn shirtless in the guest house and learns that Steffy asked him for some space. She wants to know if they got in a fight — they never argue. Finn explains it was worse. He broke her trust. Paris learns that Steffy walked in on Sheila holding Hayes and blurts, “No. You’re serious?” She reassures him — he didn’t mean any harm. But agrees that Steffy has a right to be mad. Finn sighs; she was just so disappointed in him. Paris tells him not to beat himself up about it, but he goes on about going back on his word to Steffy. Paris theorizes that he didn’t ask to be Sheila Carter’s biological son. She’s a mystery and Paris understands why he feels connected to her.
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At the Forrester Estate, Quinn suggests to Eric that they curl up and watch a movie, but first they could swim. Eric will get a swimsuit, but Quinn stops him — all they need is a pitcher of martinis. Eric agrees it could help their ‘cause’. Quinn hopes tonight they’ll have a breakthrough. Eric appreciates her trying to help. Quinn wishes he’d confided in her sooner. He wasn’t ready. Eric has talked to doctors and therapists and doesn’t see a solution on the horizon. Quinn urges him not to talk… just to let her love him.
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They kiss and Quinn assures him he’s fulfilled her in the past and she’s certain he will again. After kissing some more, Quinn suggests they take it slowly, but Eric just… can’t. It’s been months with no improvement. Quinn wants to try and assures him there’s no pressure or expectations. They kiss again, but Eric pulls away in frustration. “I can’t fulfill you.” Quinn protests but Eric barks that he can’t do this to her — she’s trapped there with no sexual fulfillment. “You should go.” Quinn assures him he’s as handsome and sexy as he’s always been to her and nothing will change that! She embraces him. Eric cries, “I’m so sorry.”
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In the cliff house, Steffy tells Ridge that Finn promised her that Sheila would be kept out of their lives, but she had a panic inside and decided not to go on her trip — only to arrive at home to find Sheila in the house. Ridge fumes, “That monster was here?” Steffy says it gets worse; she was holding her little baby. Ridge asks, “Where was Finn?” Steffy exclaims, “He was here. He allowed it to happen!” Ridge goes ballistic over Finn ignoring everything they told him. Steffy tells him Jack was there too. Ridge feels something is off with him. He then lashes out again — Finn had one job! Steffy doesn’t know how he allowed himself to be talked into it, but he’s not a malicious guy. Ridge hollers. Steffy understands how he feels; she thought Sheila was going to run away with her baby. She’s trying to stay strong, but she hates that Sheila is Finn’s mother. Her DNA is in him and her son. “I don’t know what to do. I feel like I’m losing my mind.” Ridge holds his daughter.
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In the guest house, Finn explains to Paris that he trusted his dad, who never steers him wrong. He regrets caving and wishes he’d said no and told Sheila to leave. Now he’s away from his wife, and Steffy has lost faith in him. They discuss Sheila and Paris believes Finn is mourning the loss of a relationship he might have had. Finn swerves back to Steffy feeling betrayed — she couldn’t even look at him. “What have I done?!”
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