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Finn sits in the dark at the cliff house. Steffy arrives and seethes, “You knew how I felt about Sheila.” She recalls finding Sheila holding Hayes, as Finn tries to explain that he didn’t invite her. Steffy thinks he should have called the police and warns, “She could have kidnapped our son. How could you put him in harm’s way like that? How could you!” Finn never would have allowed Sheila to take their son. Steffy feels violated. She trusted him to keep their child safe and reminds Finn that he promised to protect them all.

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She goes over how Sheila manipulated her way into their home. Though Finn apologizes again, he admits, “I wanted to see my birth mother one last time.” Steffy can understand that he would want to meet his birth mother but Sheila’s not normal. Finn doesn’t think he’ll ever meet his birth father but this was probably the last time he would see his birth mother. He sees how betrayed Steffy feels and profusely apologizes. Steffy knows he didn’t mean for anything bad to happen but Sheila will never be satisfied — now that she’s held Hayes. She’s not going to let anything more happen! Finn won’t either, but in tears, Steffy explains just how terrified she is. Sheila’s blood is in Finn and their innocent boy, and though Steffy loves him and was excited about their future, learning that he has this tie to Sheila… “As much as it pains me to say this,” Steffy whispers. “I can’t even look at you right now… the pain you caused.” Finn offers to give her space and cries, “I’m truly sorry and I really love you, and our family, and I love our life together.” Finn gets up and leaves, as Steffy sobs.

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In her room, Sheila thinks back to Steffy’s warning that she’ll never see Hayes again. Jack arrives and orders Shelia to leave town. Sheila thinks Steffy just needs some time, she’ll get over it. Jack knows Steffy never will and demands, “Pack your things and leave.” Jack brings up Li and says Sheila is tormenting them all. Shelia hasn’t done anything to Li and recalls a time when Jack couldn’t get enough of her and how she’s kept his deepest secret all of these years — that he’s Finn’s biological father. “Are you finished?” Jack asks. Sheila warns, “You stand to lose everything if you’re not very careful.”

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Jack knows it’s only a matter of time before she’s hit with a restraining order. She’ll never get near that house again. Sheila talks about how Steffy slapped her — twice — then says, “Since when has violence solved anything?” She knows Jack doesn’t realize what it meant to her to see Finn and Hayes. She lost a child! Jack now knows her history with the Forresters and he refuses to allow Sheila to put a strain on Steffy and Finn’s marriage. Jack reminds Sheila how he came through for her and warns she better take their secret to the grave. Sheila gives Jack a sinister smile.

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Zende and Paris kiss at Forrester. Paris jokes about how many women he’s kissed there. Zende names off one from when he was a kid then teases her about others. Out of the blue, he asks Paris to move in with him. Paris is having fun living with Hayes and Steffy then gushes about what a great guy Dr. Finn is. “The way he treats Steffy…” Paris says. “She did all right for herself. Finn’s the total package.” She goes on about what a good looking package he is.

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