Steffy, Finn, Sheila B&B
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At the cliff house, Steffy demands to know what is going on. The baby wails in Sheila’s arms and Steffy orders her to put him down before rushing over to take him. Sheila insists she wasn’t doing anything wrong. Steffy says she’s putting Hayes in his room and then wants answers. Sheila tells Finn that she can get through to Steffy mother-to-mother. She got him into this mess and can get him out of it.
Steffy baby B&B

At the cabin, Liam texts Hope that’s he’ll miss her like crazy even though it’s only one night. As he turns his attention to his laptop, Hope sneaks in the door behind him and puts her hands over his eyes. When she reveals herself, he’s stunned that she’s home. Hope explains that the flight was delayed, Steffy bailed, and she finally decided to reschedule. She’s sure Finn was relieved to see Steffy walk through the door and she could tell it was really bothering her not being at home. Liam and Hope embrace and he updates her that the kids are gone until after dinner. He’s thinking a little sexy time might be in order. Hope kisses him and they start making out.
Liam, Hope kiss B&B

At the cliff house, Finn tells Jack he has no idea why Steffy came home early. Steffy reappears and hollers that she had a bad feeling she should come home, only to find Sheila holding her son. She blasts Finn, “How could you do this after all the pain she’s caused?! How could you put our son in her arms?!”

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Sheila knows this is a shock for Steffy but says she can explain. She was only holding her grandson and asks Sheila not to be mad at Finn. Jack interjects that Steffy should blame him. He asked Finn to let her in so that Steffy would never have to deal with her. Finn explains that Sheila promised she would go after, but Steffy screams that you can’t believe a word out of her mouth. Sheila admits she wants to know her grandson, but she had no plan. “Maybe one day…”
Jack, Sheila appeal B&B

Steffy goes off on Finn for allowing Sheila to manipulate him and accuses him of sneaking her in while she was gone. Jack concedes they may have been manipulated but it was worth a shot. “I want to be rid of her once and for all.” Sheila vows they will be. “It was just one last time. I wanted to see Finn and I wanted to hold my grandson, and then I’ll be gone.” She appeals to Steffy to understand… as a mom. “I wonder if you can even imagine having a child and then walking away from him forever. Giving up my son was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, and yet here I stand with everyone asking me to do it again.” She feels nothing was wrong with what she did and that mother-to-mother, Steffy must know how much she needed this. Steffy glowers.

At the cabin, Liam has dimmed the lights and put out candles. He’s rendered nearly speechless when Hope emerges from the bedroom in sexy lingerie. They kiss passionately and lay down on the sofa to make love.

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At the cliff house, Sheila insists to Steffy that she didn’t mean to cause trouble. Steffy points out that’s all she does; she thrives on it. Sheila vows she was going to leave town… unless Steffy could find it in her heart to forgive her. Steffy informs her she will never see her son again and reminds Finn and Jack that this woman shot her grandmother and left her to die. Sheila sniffs that she has a narrow perspective of things — Stephanie wasn’t kind to her. Steffy warns that Sheila does this; she manipulates; it’s what she’s doing right now — she’s evil! Steffy hopes her son doesn’t have Sheila’s sickness and vows to protect him from her. Steffy informs Sheila she’s getting a restraining order against her and she will never see any of them again, including Finn and Hayes!

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On the sofa in the cabin after sex, Hope teases that was all the confirmation she needed that getting off the plane was the right move. She’s excited to see the kids but is also enjoying this time with her husband. They love it when the day takes an unexpected turn. Liam croons, “Thank you for being my unexpected,” and kisses her head.
Liam, Hope sofa B&B

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At the cliff house, Sheila thinks it’s cruel of Steffy to threaten her with jail just for wanting to see her son. Steffy scoffs that Finn is Li and Jack’s son. He’s never let her down — until down. This is her house and she wants Sheila to leave now — and Jack too; he encouraged this. She tells Sheila she’s a monster with no feelings and orders her out. Sheila doesn’t move so Steffy walks over and slaps her before screaming, “Don’t you ever try to take someone I love away from me. Get out!!” As Jack and Sheila scram, Finn says he’s sorry. Steffy just stares in a fury.
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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Steffy asks Finn to leave after his betrayal.

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