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On the jet, Steffy worries to Hope that if they don’t take off soon there will be no point in going. Talk turns back to her being nervous about Sheila and Steffy starts to feel like she should miss the meeting and go home. The feeling grows stronger. Hope realizes she’s deeply concerned. Steffy reminds her they don’t know what Sheila is capable of and worries she’ll never leave Finn and Hayes alone.

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At the cliff house, Sheila knocks on the door as Jack presses Finn to let her in to see Hayes: “It’s what’s best for our family and yours!” Jack goes to the door and tells her he needs more time to convince Finn. He returns to his son and says, “This is how you do it.” If he gives Sheila her way, Steffy will never have to worry about her again. He flashes to Sheila blackmailing him and tells Finn he knows what he’s talking about — he got rid of Sheila before. Finn feels there’s no guarantee she’ll go away after. Sheila busts in and Jack hollers that she’s not helping her cause. Sheila turns on the charm as she insists to Finn that his father is telling the truth. “Please, just allow me this one thing.”

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In the Forrester living room, Quinn assures Eric she’ll love him even if his erectile dysfunction turns out to be a permanent condition. Brooke and Ridge walk in and the blonde declares, “So it’s true — you’re back together!” Ridge thought maybe Carter was wrong and Brooke exclaims, “How could you do this?” Quinn explains Eric forgave her. Ridge says he shouldn’t have. Quinn says that’s not his call — or Brooke’s.
Brooke, Ridge appalled B&B

Quinn reiterates that they’re not getting divorced and implores them to get off her husband’s case… he has enough to deal with. Brooke sneers, “You didn’t waste anytime did you?” She indicates the portrait is back on the wall. Eric explains he asked Carter to bring it back. Ridge and Brooke raise their voices as they remind Eric that she cheated on him with Carter — there’s no excuse for that. Eric insists he pushed Quinn into Carter’s arms. Quinn says they’ve faced obstacles before and will this time as well. Ridge asks if sleeping with another man is just another challenge. Quinn loves that they care about Eric, but they don’t dictate his life. She asks them to let him be. Brooke reminds Eric how betrayed he felt when he found out about Carter — how can he forgive that? Eric informs them a lot goes on in the lives of a couple. He loves Quinn and she fulfills him… he just hopes to be able to give that back to her. Eric insists, despite their protests, that Brooke and Ridge leave. They do.
Quinn, Eric, Brooke, Ridge confrontation B&B

Quinn tells Eric she’s sorry he had to go through that right after opening up to her about his ED. She assures him this is just another challenge they’ll get through as husband and wife.
Quinn, Eric discussion B&B

On the jet, Steffy takes the further delay as a sign — she has to go. She’s sorry to miss the meeting. Hope understands and will take it on her own. Steffy ponders calling Finn, and Hope counters she could just surprise him.

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At the cliff house, Sheila’s certain that Steffy banned her, and Finn tells his birth mother he can’t betray his wife’s trust. Sheila tells him giving him away was the hardest thing she ever did in her life. “You were wanted; desperately wanted.” She just wasn’t in the position to give him what he deserved. Sheila never stopped loving him and wanted to see him… she also wants to see her grandson. She asks if he looks like Finn or Steffy and Finn replies, “A little of both.” Sheila keeps pleading to see the baby for herself. “Let me hold him, please. Go get Hayes and let me hold him.” Finn stews. Sheila waxes on about Finn being a handsome doctor. The one good thing she did was give him up so he wouldn’t be tainted by her instability. She really is grateful to Jack and Li.
Sheila, Jack, Finn B&B

Sheila insists she can and will put Finn’s wishes first — she’s just asking for a moment to hold her grandson. Then she’ll be gone; it will be like she was never there. Finn asks her to swear she’ll leave and Steffy and the Forresters will never have to worry about her again. She swears. Finn really shouldn’t do this, but finally agrees. He goes to get Hayes and Jack warns Sheila after she holds the baby she’s never to come back there again. Finn emerges from the bedroom holding his son. He needs Sheila to say it — after this she’ll leave and never come back. She does. Finn hands over the baby. Sheila gasps, “Oh! He’s so beautiful. I’m your grandma Hayes. I’ve been dying to meet you. You take my breath away just like your daddy did. My grandson, my precious perfect grandson.” She looks at Jack and Finn and says, “This is my grandson; my family.”
Sheila holds Hayes B&B

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Outside the cliff house, Steffy arrives, but drops her keys. Inside, Finn is saying he should take the baby back. Steffy walks in and all heads turn as they hear her call out, “Finn?! I couldn’t go…” She walks in, stops short and screams, “Sheila!” Still holding the baby, Sheila ever so slightly smiles.
Steffy stunned Finn B&B

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