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On the jet, Hope looks up as Steffy arrives and apologizes for being late. Hope’s grateful she could make the meeting what with everything going on. Steffy admits she was nervous leaving Finn and her kids. Hope assures her they’ll be back by tomorrow. Steffy marvels that she and Finn were ready to start enjoying married life and now they have to protect their family from the most dangerous woman she’s ever met. Hope feels for her and adds, “Who could have imagined that Sheila Carter would turn out to be your husband’s birth mother?”
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At the cliff house, Finn is shocked that his father is asking him to allow Sheila to see him and Hayes. Jack insists that it has to be done. Finn asks, “Do you not understand how dangerous Sheila is?” Jack explains that this is a way to protect his family — if he gives her this, she’ll go away. Finn argues that the Forresters would be furious to know they’re even discussing this — he’s not letting Sheila in there to see Hayes!
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In her hotel room, Sheila muses that today is the day she meets her grandson. She powders her nose and can’t wait for her grandson to look up at her and know that’s the face of his grandmother. She gets a text and takes off.

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At the Forrester mansion, Quinn tells Eric he should have told her what was going on. Eric fumes that he was embarrassed — erectile dysfunction! It’s a joke! He laments that he can’t make love to his beautiful wife. “I can’t…” Quinn is sure that in time… Eric cuts her off. It doesn’t matter how he feels or how much he wants her — this isn’t going to change. She’s come home to a different man. “I’m sorry.” Quinn marvels that he forgave her — she was drawn to the kind of man he is. Eric is afraid that he’ll never be able to make love to her again. Quinn embraces him. Eric exhales, “Ah Quinn. I’m so sorry.”
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Quinn tells Eric it’s alright. Eric regrets not coming clean and pushing her into the arms of another man — she was looking for the things they all need. Looking at the divorce papers made him realize he loves her and needed to tell her the truth. Eric wants them to be completely honest with each other and says again that he’s sorry — so sorry! Quinn reminds them they have overcome so much — mostly because of her mistakes — and he stood by her time and again. Now, she’ll be there for him. They’ll find doctors and specialists and get through this together as husband and wife. Quinn pulls him into another hug.

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At Forrester Creations, Carter completes a work deal with Brooke and Ridge, and then decides to prepare them by announcing that Eric called off the divorce from Quinn. Brooke is exasperated and she and Ridge presume Quinn is behind this. Brooke asks if she’s been going over to his house. Carter was shocked too, but insists it was Eric’s decision. Brooke’s appalled to hear that he’s happy for them. “You have no reservations about their reunion whatsoever?” she asks as she invites Carter to tell them how he really feels. Carter knows what Eric sees when he looks at Quinn. “When they were good together, they were very happy.” Brooke questions if Carter was falling for her. Carter repeats that he’s happy for Eric and Quinn. He hoped they could feel the same way, but understands if they don’t. Ridge thanks him for letting them know; they’ll check into it. Brooke agrees; they’ll talk some sense into Eric. The duo heads out the door, leaving Carter to flash to him and Quinn expressing their love.
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At the cliff house, Jack informs Finn he’s already texted Sheila to come over — there’s more at stake than he knows. He argues that if Finn does this, he’s controlling the terms and after that, she’ll be out of their lives. “Please, I’m urging you to just make it happen. Just do it.”

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On the jet, the pilot announces they’re holding for weather. Steffy wonders if it’s a sign she should just go home to Finn and Hayes.

Still arguing in the cliff house, Jack tells Finn that he got Sheila to back away years ago by giving her what she wanted. Finn hollers that he promised Steffy he wouldn’t allow her near their family! Sheila knocks on the door. Finn’s not doing this. Jack tells him he has to — too much is riding on this! “Just let her in and then you’ll be done with Sheila once and for all.”

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