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At the cliff house Finn tells Steffy he just saw a pod of dolphins and they canoodle in the kitchen. She alludes to their intimacy the night before and feel badly that she has to go out of town, but she has to be with Hope and see to Hope to the Future. She’s just leery because Sheila’s been around. Finn doesn’t want to spend another minute worrying about his birth mother. They hug.
Steffy, Finn canoodle B&B

Steffy moans about leaving Kelly and Hayes and Finn assures her she’ll be fine. Steffy thinks it’s hitting her harder because of the other stuff… Finn promises Sheila is out of their lives and tells her, “Don’t give her another thought.” They embrace again. Steffy teases Finn about the bottle service he’ll be providing while she’s gone. Finn wants her to be at ease and assures her everything he does is with her and kids’ best interests at heart. Steffy’s glad they’re on the same page about Sheila. Finn understands how important it is to keep her far away. They share a couple kisses and express their love.

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In his hotel suite, Jack flashes to his confrontation with Sheila and rubs his forehead. Li knows there’s something troubling him and asks if it has to do with Finn’s birth mother. She’s forgiven Jack for not telling her about Sheila; she knows he was only trying to protect them. “I love you,” Li tells him as they embrace. Jack looks guilty. His wife feels he must have been shocked to hear about her crimes. Jack muses that you couldn’t find things on the Internet back then. He urges his wife not to think, or worry about, Sheila ever again. Li’s glad she’s moved on — and so have they. Jack feels lucky that she agreed to be his wife all those years ago. They kiss.
Li, Jack I love you B&B

In the Forrester living room, Eric looks up at Quinn’s portrait and flashes to faking sleep the other night. Quinn appears and he apologizes for falling asleep on the sofa. “Your first night home and I disappoint you once again.” Quinn admits she was ready to celebrate. Eric blames the martini. Quinn was happy to be back in their bed and suggests they make up for it tonight. Eric’s grateful they have their whole lives together.

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Quinn’s happy he still believes in them, but she gets the feeling something is still wrong. Eric apologizes. “There’s something that I should have confessed to you before I asked you to come back and live with me.” He makes it clear he loves and desires her. “I want you, I always want you… but I can’t.” Quinn assures him they can handle it… together. Eric sighs, “This is so humiliating; I can hardly say the words. I have erectile dysfunction. I can’t make love to you.” Quinn strokes his face.
Eric confession B&B

In her rented room, Sheila reads about Finn online and smiles. A man comes to the door and she says she has someone important to see before she leaves. She invites the guy in and presumes he’s eager to have his room back. The fellow assumes Sheila is going on a date and asks if the man is older or younger. Sheila says he’s much younger, and is very special to her. She muses, “We’ve never met. I can hardly wait to meet this little guy.” Once alone, Sheila sends out a text.
Sheila room man B&B

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In his room, Jack receives a text from Sheila vowing to keep his secret from Li and Finn if he arranges for her to see her grandson.

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Jack finds Finn on dad duty at the cliff house and lets him know he’s proud of him. Finn’s never been happier. Jack apologizes again for not telling him about his birth mother — he’s regretting that mistake. He’s convinced Sheila will soon be out of their lives. Finn’s confused — she’s already gone. Jack admits she reached out to him. Finn hopes he didn’t respond. Jack says he saw her and told her to stay out of their lives. “Sheila has agreed to leave town on one condition. She wants to see you again, and she wants to hold her grandson.”
Jack, Finn visit B&B

In her room, Sheila imagines holding Hayes and saying, “My grandson. Grandma loves you sweetheart.” She smiles and dark music plays. “You better make it happen, Jack. Or else.”

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