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At the loft, Quinn tells Carter she always knew they felt love, they just never said the word. Carter wants her to know what they shared was real, but she should go home and be Eric’s wife. He recalls how she felt when she thought she’d lost Eric’s respect and admiration… now she has it back. Quinn gasps, “But I had something incredible with you too.” Carter points out that she loves her husband. Quinn tells him, “But I love you too!” They share a deep kiss and a teary embrace before Carter pulls away. He walks over, picks up Quinn’s portrait and exits with it, leaving Quinn sobbing on the sofa.
Carter, Quinn kiss goodbye B&B

At the Forrester mansion, Eric stares at the empty space above the mantle and flashes to the first time he showed Quinn her portrait hanging there. He walks over to the mantle, picks up his wedding ring, and puts it back on his finger.

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At the cliff house, Paris worries to Finn that keeping a secret from Steffy isn’t the best idea — for either of them. Finn doesn’t want to add to her stress. Paris agrees to keep quiet if he really believes it’s the right thing to do.
Paris, Finn secret B&B

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Steffy enters her house with Ridge in tow, and asks Paris and Finn what’s going on. Paris glances guiltily at Finn before saying she will let them talk and heading outside. Steffy wonders if everything is alright with her. Finn reassures her. Ridge asks if they talked about Sheila.

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In her room, Sheila stares at the heart from Finn on her phone and tells herself that her son loves her. She marvels about her grandson and flashes to the wedding reception where she said she would always be thinking about him. Sheila enthuses, “This is my family!”

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Carter arrives at Eric’s place with the portrait and his boss talks about what a mistake it would have been to have gotten rid of it. He’s surprised Carter hasn’t asked about his change of heart and explains his decision. Eric notes what good care Carter took of the portrait. Carter just smiles politely.
Eric, Carter, Quinn portrait B&B

Jack and Li join Steffy, Finn and Ridge at the cliff house, where Ridge tells the room that as long as Sheila’s out there, she’s a threat. Jack would do a lot of things differently if he could, but assures Steffy that Finn’s a good boy. He’s hopeful that Sheila’s out of their lives. Finn looks thoughtful. He promises to protect Steffy and the kids. Jack wants to celebrate, but Li worries about the unstable Sheila. Steffy warns that any form of communication will be an invitation. She doesn’t want Sheila near any of her family members, but especially Hayes.
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In Eric’s living room, Carter has hung Quinn’s portrait back on the wall. Eric thanks him for taking such good care of it again. Carter’s not sure how Eric got past this, but thanks him for giving him a second chance, and Quinn too. Carter’s about to leave when Quinn arrives. Eric chortles that he was just telling Carter their good news. He notices that Quinn doesn’t seem surprised at all to see Carter there. Quinn claims she saw his car in the driveway. Eric says Carter was kind enough to store her portrait and he asked him to help hang it back up where it belongs. Feeling awkwardness, Eric acknowledges that he pushed his wife into Carter’s arms and suggests they move forward. “You’ve both proved your loyalty to me.” He wants to move on with no residual tension. Carter assures him there won’t be and that their marriage will be stronger than ever. He has to go now. Quinn says, “Goodbye Carter,” as he walks out. Eric notices his wife is crying. Quinn tells Eric it’s amazing to see her portrait back up there and vows not to take her second chance at being his wife for granted. “They’re tears of joy.”
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In Forrester’s design office, Paris and Zende discuss Finn’s dilemma with Sheila as his birth mother. Zende exclaims that the poor guy can’t have any contact with her at all. Paris flashes to agreeing to keep the secret with Finn and agonizes.
Paris, Zende design office B&B

In her room, Sheila flashes to the Forresters kicking her out before and vows they won’t do it again. “This is my son. My grandson. This is my family!”

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