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In the loft, Carter and Quinn are both in disbelief that Eric doesn’t want the divorce. Carter asks what he said. Quinn tells him that Eric wants their life and marriage back and tore up the papers. She’s sorry; Carter put so much into making this a romantic night for him. Carter whispers, “He changed his mind?” Quinn confirms it again. She’s as shocked as Carter. He sighs, stands up, and asks how she feels about it. Quinn doesn’t know. Part of her should be relived; that man gave her everything she searched her whole life for. Quinn stands, touches Carter’s arm, and looks into his eyes. “And then there’s you.”
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At Forrester Creations, Steffy admires the gown on a model and tells Ridge it’s stunning. She makes a suggestion for a small alteration and Ridge chortles about her sense of style. The model congratulates her on marrying the cute Dr. Finnegan before leaving. Once alone, Ridge is pleased to see Steffy smiling and enjoying this time in her life. “You deserve to be happy.” Steffy’s just trying to remind herself of all the things they have to be thankful for; she just wishes they didn’t have this cloud hanging over them now — it would be so much easier if Sheila weren’t involved. They talk about getting security up at her house and Ridge warns they can’t relax with Sheila around… ever. Steffy assures him Finn will cut ties, but Ridge stresses he needs to understand what this woman is capable of! Steffy knows Finn and he will listen to her. Ridge frets that Sheila is devious. Steffy vows she’ll never have contact with her family.
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At the cliff house, Finn and Paris worry that it’s Sheila knocking on the door. Finn finally makes his way to the door and opens it — it’s Zende, who notes they both looked freaked out and asks who they thought was out there. After Zende’s filled in on Sheila off-screen, Finn opines that he may not have even wanted a relationship with his birth mother; he loves his parents. Zende understands given how he feels about his adoptive parents. Finn agonizes as Zende and Paris look on sympathetically. After, Finn smiles as Zende reveals he just came over to give Paris a kiss and does so before leaving. Finn tells Paris she should go with Zende, but asks her for a favor. “Don’t tell Steffy about Sheila reaching out to me.” He’s hoping Sheila won’t see the heart emoji he sent and read into it. Finn’s concerned if Steffy knows, it will make her worry all the more. Paris agrees to keep mum.
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At the Forrester mansion, Eric flashes back to ripping up the divorce papers and making his appeal to Quinn.

Back at the loft, Carter asks what Quinn’s going to do. She isn’t sure — Eric giving her another chance is the testament to what kind of man he is — but then there is Carter, who was there for her when she was utterly alone. What they shared was so magical and unforgettable. Carter agrees, “It was.” Quinn pleads, “What do I do? I don’t know if I can go back? I don’t know if that’s what I want.” Carter asks, “Is it?” Quinn replies, “Carter, I don’t think I can leave you.” Tearing up, Quinn agonizes about what she should do as she reflects on how incredible it feels to be in Carter’s arms. Carter says, “Deep down, I think you know what needs to be done.” Carter’s phone rings — it’s Eric asking if he still has Quinn’s portrait. Carter tells him he still has it. Eric asks him to bring it by the house — it may come as a surprise but he and his wife aren’t getting a divorce; he loves her. Carter agrees to bring the portrait over right away, and disconnects.

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Quinn gasps, “You don’t have to.” Carter admits a part of his doesn’t want to, but he thinks this is what’s best for her. “Go back, Quinn. Go back and be Mrs. Forrester.” Quinn cries; how does she say goodbye to him? Carter feels their connection as deeply as she does, but he thinks her heart is with her husband. “This could be your last chance — take it. I want this for you.” What has happened between them the past several weeks, no one will know. Carter won’t destroy her marriage to Eric. Quinn is awed that he’d do that for her. She sobs, “But you make me happy.” Carter tells her she makes him happy too, but what she and Eric have been through will make their marriage stronger. Quinn will cherish their time together. So will Carter. Quinn will miss him; she’ll be leaving a part of her behind! She weeps and then bolsters her resolve. “You’re right. I love my husband. But, Carter, I love you.” Carter replies, “I love you too.”

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