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At the cliff house, Finn re-reads Sheila’s text. Steffy appears and reports that Hayes has a full belly. They canoodle and Steffy asks if he’d mind if she went into the office. She wants to see where things stand with the restraining order — she knows Sheila is his birth mother but they have to protect Hayes. Finn looks ill at ease, so she decides not to discuss her anymore. Instead, they kiss.
Steffy, Finn canoodle, kiss B&B

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Paris enters the room and interrupts Finn and Steffy. She suggests they take a few days and go up the coast for alone time, but Steffy feels it’s not the right time. Paris understands that with Finn’s birth mother showing up it’s not ideal, but she’s glad to see it hasn’t affected their romance.
Paris interrupt B&B

Steffy makes arrangements for Amelia to take Steffy and Paris offers to pitch in with Hayes so Finn can surf. Steffy asks her new husband to promise he’ll stay away from Sheila before leaving. After she’s gone, Paris watches Finn, who looks down.

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At the Forrester mansion, Ridge tells Eric that he hasn’t heard from Carter. Eric’s distracted and Ridge realizes it’s because of his divorce papers. He cajoles that it’s just two signatures and then it’s over. Looking at Eric’s bereft expression, Ridge says he knows that Eric doesn’t take divorce lightly. Eric doesn’t, and he never will. They recap what Quinn did and Eric muses that she felt rejected — sometimes he thinks he shoved her toward Carter. Ridge barks, “Never say that again.” He blames Quinn for going to someone else. Letting Eric know the family is there for him, he embraces his dad, and then leaves.
Eric divorce papers B&B

At Carter’s place, he and Quinn discuss the restraining order for Sheila. Quinn gets a text and tells Carter, “My divorce papers have been finalized. But you already knew that, didn’t you.” Carter did, and didn’t know how to tell her. “Today’s the day.” Carter lets her know that once she’s free, he doesn’t want their relationship to be secret anymore. “I don’t want to sneak around.”
Carter, Quinn go public B&B

Stunned, Quinn reminds Carter that Eric will fire him; he’ll lose everything he worked so hard for. She asks, “You’re just going to sacrifice?” Carter’s a successful attorney and will find work somewhere else — they can’t let other people dictate their lives. “I want the whole world to know what we have together.” They kiss deeply and Quinn strokes Carter’s face. He knows today won’t be easy for her, but he’ll have something special for her when she gets home. Quinn asks, “Home?” Carter wants this to be her home too. Quinn dons sunglasses, smiles and exits.
Carter, Quinn kiss B&B

At Forrester Creations, Ridge finds Steffy distracted. She still can’t believe what happened at her wedding reception. “It was the most beautiful day until that lunatic showed up.” Ridge assures her they’ll have a restraining order by the end of the day. Steffy can’t fathom how Sheila gave birth to someone as wonderful as her husband.
Steffy cant get over sheila B&B

In Malibu, Paris tells Finn he rode the waves like a champ. Finn tells her, “You should see Steffy.” Paris turns serious and asks him to tell here if she’s over-stepping, but she wants to know how he’s doing. After, he looks at the text from Sheila. Paris tells him if he needs someone to talk to, he can talk to her.
Paris questions Finn B&B

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Quinn enters the Forrester mansion and takes Eric by surprise, though he admits he was expecting her. Quinn notices Stephanie’s portrait is back on the wall, and he explains it was at Steffy’s request. Quinn still hates herself for hurting him the way she did. “You’re a man like no one I’ve ever known before.” Part of her is always going to love and care about him. Eric doesn’t understand her relationship with Carter. Quinn shakes her head — circumstances drew them together. She’ll regret hurting him for the rest of her life. Eric believes her. Quinn will cherish their memories; once they sign those papers that’s what their lives together will be — a bunch of memories. Quinn moves to sign the papers, and Eric stops her; “Don’t.” He’s given a lot of thought to what he did to push her toward Carter. Everyone deserves forgiveness.

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