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In Carter’s loft he kisses on Quinn, who groans with pleasure. She turns to face him and insists they have to stop. Carter asks, “How do we do that?” Quinn grins. She has nothing to lose; her divorce papers will be final any day and she’ll be a free woman, but Eric forbid Carter to have contact with her. Carter muses, “Yet here we are.”
Quinn beams at Carter B&B

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At Forrester, Ridge, Brooke and Eric reel over Steffy being married to Sheila Carter’s son. Ridge declares that he’ll see to it that Sheila has no place in his grandson’s future. Brooke warns that if Sheila is Finn’s birth mother, it’s going to be more complicated than that. Ridge decides to take action and dials his phone.
Ridge vows Sheila never see grandson B&B

At his place, Carter takes Ridge’s call on speakerphone. He’s seeking a restraining order for the maniac who showed up at Steffy’s wedding reception. Carter asks who it’s for. Ridge says, “Sheila Carter.” Quinn covers her mouth as her eyes widen in shock. Carter needs more information. Ridge can’t get into it but reveals that Sheila claims to be Finn’s birth mother. Carter gawps, “Noo.” Eric chimes in that they’re concerned about protecting Steffy and Hayes. They’re depending on him!

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At the cliff house, Steffy brings her new husband coffee and they canoodle. She purrs that their wedding was so beautiful and perfect, just like him. Their reception, however, was another story. She informs Finn they have to talk about Sheila. Finn admits he got excited seeing his birth mother but seeing her family’s reaction changed things. Paris enters the room and marvels at the honeymoon moving into the living room. She offers to look after Hayes, but Steffy explains they want to keep him close to them. Paris asks, “What’s going on?”
Finn, Steffy canoodle honeymoon B&B

Steffy and Finn sit down with Paris. Steffy explains that a lot of terrible things have happened to her family… because of Finn’s birth mother. She can’t allow her to be part of their family. She’s done so much damage, she can’t even describe it. Finn looks disappointed. Steffy declares that Sheila is a psychopath. Paris feels for Finn, who is still trying to wrap his mind around it. Steffy assures her new husband, “You didn’t know.” They won’t let it mess with their marriage. Kelly and Hayes are happy and safe and they’ll do whatever is necessary to shield them. Steffy kisses Finn, and then turns to Paris to reiterate that Finn didn’t know about Sheila, but she’s not going to be in Hayes’ life. She warns they have to be on guard while she’s in L.A., noting that there’s no reason for her to stay around.

In a hotel room, Sheila looks at an article about Finn and Steffy’s wedding on her laptop and smiles to herself. She enthuses about Finn marrying Steffy Forrester and muses, “If only I could be a part of your life. And my grandson’s.” She flashes back to sharing a bubble bath with Eric during their romance.
Sheila, Eric flashback bubble bath B&B

Snapping out of her reverie, Sheila looks back to the photo of Steffy and Finn holding Hayes on her laptop. She murmurs, “Hayes Forrester.” Sheila gets an idea and calls the hospital and schemes her way into getting Finn’s personal phone number. After disconnecting, she grins.
Sheila plots B&B

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At the cliff house, Steffy hopes Finn didn’t mind her telling Paris about Sheila. He assures her it’s fine. Finn promises not to see his birth mother again. He won’t go near her or talk to her. “That’s what you want, right?” Steffy sighs, “That’s the way it has to be.” When Steffy goes to feed Hayes, Finn flashes to meeting Sheila in the guest house.

In her room, Sheila zips up her suitcase and then picks up her phone.

At home, Finn hears his phone and is stunned to see a message from Sheila praising him, wishing she could see Hayes, and saying she’s leaving town. It’s signed, “Love, Mom.”

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In Sheila’s room, she answers the door to the concierge, who tells her the car is coming around for her. She closes the door and muses, “Well, I guess it’s time to leave.” Her phone dings and she picks it up. Finn has sent a red heart. She gasps, “He loves me. My son loves his mother!”
Sheila answer door B&B

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