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After the slap in her grandfather’s living room, Steffy tells Sheila that’s what she gets as Ridge warns Carter not to lay a hand on his daughter in retaliation. Brooke thinks it’s insane that Sheila showed up claiming to be Finn’s mother. Eric bellows that Jack and Li are Finn’s parents; the people who raised him. Steffy echoes that sentiment and assures Sheila that she will never be Hayes’ grandmother either.
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At the cabin, Hope and Liam marvel about Sheila showing up at Steffy and Finn’s wedding reception. Liam chuckles, “It’s surreal. She’s the woman who gave birth to Finn and we can’t ever un-know that.” They can’t believe that Sheila is Steffy’s mother-in-law. Hope muses that it was a Forrester wedding after all. Liam agrees, “Right to the bitter end, baby.” He only knows a fraction of the Sheila stories, but she shot Hope’s mom, and Taylor. Hope confirms she’s vindictive and has been in and out of psychiatric hospitals as long as she can remember. Liam can’t understand how she’s walking free. Hope adds she has other children out there too — Finn’s not the only person she’s given birth too. They shake their heads over her ruining Finn’s wedding day and talk turns to worrying about Hayes. Liam’s certain Steffy won’t let her anywhere near the baby. They vow she won’t be around any of their kids.

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At the Forrester house, Sheila asserts that she just came to see Finn. Ridge gets in front of her and vows she’s never going to hurt his family again. Sheila is accused of ruining the wedding day and Eric urges Steffy and Finn not to give her that power. Brooke lays into Sheila and Steffy calls her a liar. Finn interjects that Jack had contact with her, but Brooke says she could have been lying then too. Birth mother or not, Eric can’t stand to see her. Ridge informs Sheila it’s time for her to go.
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Back at the cabin, Hope laments that there was such love and warmth in the room, until… Liam laughs… the dark cloud of Sheila descended. He didn’t even get to dance with Hope. Liam pulls her to her feet and they slow dance and kiss. Hope is grateful for what they have; today was another reminder of how quickly life can change. They feel terrible for Finn and Hayes.

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At the Forrester Estate, Sheila says she has taken it on the chin… literally, and wants her explanation to be heard. Brooke is outraged. Sheila just wanted to wish her son well on his wedding day — is that such a crime. Eric says no, but she’s trespassing and that is. Steffy marvels, “Are you trying to play the victim right now?” Sheila only wants the best for her son. Brooke argues if that were true she’d have stayed away. Jack pipes up that he’s spent Finn’s entire life protecting him. Steffy hollers at Sheila to get out, “Go!” Sheila told Finn that they would all attack her. Finn tells the room at large that he didn’t know… he was in awe of her being his birth mother. Sheila has one more thing to say to the bride and groom. “You tell my grandson that I love him. You tell him his grandmother will always be thinking of him.” Brooke lunges at Sheila as Ridge ushers her out the door.
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Once Sheila’s gone, Finn exhales, “Well my nerves are shot.” No one can get over Sheila showing up there. Jack asks Steffy and Finn not to let this affect their relationship. He admits he was shocked about everything he heard about Sheila but pleads with the Forresters not to judge Finn because of her. He tells Li, “You’re his mother. You inspired him to become a doctor. You. Not Her.” Jack assures the newlyweds they’ll have a great future and urges them not to let Sheila ruin this day for them. Jack asks Li, “Should we go?” She still can’t believe he didn’t tell her. Li wishes Finn and Steffy well and then they depart.
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Ridge tells Steffy and Finn it’s over and they should focus on their marriage. Eric congratulates them and Brooke embraces Steffy, telling her she looked beautiful today. Ridge steps forward to say that Steffy means the world to him. They hug. They recap that Sheila is gone. Finn reiterates that he had no idea — he never would have brought her back into their lives if he’d known. “I love you, and I love our son Hayes. I knew nothing.” Steffy believes him, but warns him that woman is evil and vicious. “Promise me one thing. You’re never going to see her again. I won’t let her tear us apart.” Finn replies, “I love you.” They embrace. Steffy won’t let her ruin their wedding day.
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Outside in the dark, Sheila muses, “My son married to Steffy. Stephanie Forrester.” She slyly grins. “Do you really think I’m going to turn my back on him and my grandson? Do you really think you’ve seen the end of me?” Turning back to look at the house, Sheila lets out a blood-curdling evil laugh.

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