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In the Forrester mansion, Sheila says, “I’m your mother in law, Steffy. We’re family now.” Her blood is running through Finn — and their son. Steffy weaves. Brooke accuses Sheila of lying, which sets her off. Does Brooke think she’s running a long-term con?! She’s telling the truth — she met her son today… and gained a daughter. Steffy rolls her eyes.

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At Forrester Creations, Katie urges Donna to put in a photo of her wearing a swimsuit into Eric’s album. Donna spots a wedding photo of Eric and Sheila — he looked happy. Katie thinks it’s a nice photo, if you cut her out. As Donna does just that, Katie reflects on what a great ex-wife she’s been. Donna thinks it was therapeutic to ‘cut’ Sheila out. Katie muses, “If only it was that easy to cut her out of Eric’s life before.”
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In Eric’s living room, Sheila takes on the reception guests as she claims she had no intention of interrupting; Finn convinced her. Brooke hisses, “You manipulated him!” Heads turn to Jack as Li confronts him for not telling her Sheila had come to him before. Jack didn’t want her to be stressed. Sheila smirks. Ridge is fuming mad that Jack knew that this lunatic who is obsessed with his family was Finn’s mother and never said anything. Jack was aware there was bad blood, but he didn’t know the extent of it. Ridge informs him he is going to know because he’s going to tell him every single detail about Sheila Carter.
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Back in the Forrester office, Donna’s ready to burn the Sheila pictures. Katie can’t think of anyone who would have any use for them. She finds a photo of her and Donna in the throwaway pile and complains. Donna says her eyes are closed but agrees to keep it. She tosses the Sheila photos as good riddance to bad memories. Katie hopes that’s all they ever are.
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At Eric’s, Sheila protests, “I did my time.” Eric muses it may not have been enough. Someone mentions shootings and Finn gawps. Ridge questions if Finn and his parents knew about Sheila and were using his daughter. They all deny it. Ridge thinks it’s quite a coincidence, her showing up at the wedding. He turns on Finn again and demands to know if he was using his daughter! Steffy tells Finn to answer him. Finn wanted to know about his birth mother but had no idea it was Sheila. Eric declares that he wants to know and now he will… he’s going to hear all about the dark history of Sheila Carter.

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Hope and Liam decide to take the girls home and Sheila mentions Hayes. Steffy tells her not to say his name. Sheila wants to see him. She’s told she never will, which Finn finds harsh. Eric reveals that Sheila threatened Thomas as a child and tried to kill Steffy’s grandmother. Finn is stunned, “Did you really do that?” Sheila scrambles to explain and blames the Forrester for the way they treated her. Stephanie especially, hated that Eric married her. Eric loved her and thought there was good in her, but she’s sick. Eric steps close to Sheila and reiterates, “You’re sick.”
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Finn is trying to wrap his head around all of this. Brooke warns he’ll never be able to understand the crimes and the way she attacked their family. Finn protests that she went to prison and maybe… Steffy interrupts — he has no idea what Sheila did to her. Not only did she pull a gun on her grandmother but she shot her mother, “Right here!” Finn reels. “My birth mother tried to kill your mother?!” Steffy nods tearfully, “Yes.” Sheila husks, “It sounds bad I know but…” She insists she never meant to hurt Taylor; if she hadn’t tried to grab the gun she wouldn’t have got shot. Brooke interjects that she was pointing it at her. “You tried to kills us both that night!” They flash to the scene with Eric and Brooke struggling with Sheila and knocking her out after Taylor was shot. Steffy didn’t see her mother for years and it was all Sheila’s fault.
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Jack reminds Finn that his mother is Li. Sheila boasts she’s the one who carried him in her womb and gave him life — that’s a bond they’ll never break. She and Finn are connected… and Hayes. Steffy accuses Sheila of knowing exactly what she was doing. She doesn’t care about Finn, she just came to cause chaos. Steffy seethes, “You’re not going to spoil my marriage. You’re not going to spoil my wedding. You will never be a part of my family. Do you hear that?! Do you hear that?! I never want to see your face again!” Steffy slaps Sheila across the face. Sheila takes a second to recover… and then smiles.
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