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In the Forrester mansion, Eric gawps, “Sheila?” Finn can see they’ve already met. Sheila smiles slyly as she takes in Stephanie’s portrait. Finn hopes they don’t mind that she’s there. Brooke snaps, “Get her out of here!” Steffy demands to know what Sheila what she’s doing there, especially on her wedding day! Finn reveals he’s found out the most amazing news.
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At Forrester Creations, Donna tells Katie she’s going through photos for her Honeybe… for Eric. To cheer him up after what he’s been through. They laugh and coo over the pictures and muse about Steffy’s nuptials taking place today. Donna’s amused by the idea of a Forrester wedding without drama, and asks, “Since when does that happen?” Talk turns to Li and Jack Finnegan before they come across a photo of Sheila. Donna marvels, “And we thought Quinn was bad. Sheila? Sheila?! I still can’t believe Eric was married to her.” Katie puts it in the reject pile. She thinks Donna was the best match for Eric. Donna teases, “Don’t tell Brooke.” Katie says she knows. They agree Brooke was met for Ridge.
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Katie still can’t understand how Eric fell for Quinn or Sheila. Donna muses that Quinn was gorgeous at least, but Sheila turned out to be a nightmare. They shudder over her history and not being able to let your guard down around her, ever. Donna runs down Eric’s amazing history and teases that she’ll put in a few extra pictures of their time together in the album… but she’ll definitely leave out Sheila. Katie recalls her vile, ugly behavior and flashes to Sheila shooting Stephanie, drowning Taylor, and killing Lance with bees. Donna never wants to see that woman again. Katie notes they haven’t seen her for a while and hopes it stays that way. They reflect on how brave Eric was the day of the shooting; knocking Sheila out.
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In Eric’s living room, he informs Sheila that she’s not welcome there. Perplexed, Finn wonders what’s going on. Sheila moves to go and he stops her. The Forresters continue to push her to leave as Finn protests that this is a gathering for family and friends. Steffy snaps that she’s neither. Brooke wonders what lies Sheila told him so she could crash the wedding. Sheila sputters that she wouldn’t lie about this. Finn interrupts to say that he wants Sheila there — and once they all hear what he found out, they will too. The guests continue to argue that she’s not wanted and warn Finn he needs protection from her. Brooke wonders if he wants to hear what she did to her right in this very living room. Sheila alerts Finn that he’s about to hear some upsetting things. Finn just wants to share his amazing news.
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Li approaches her son and Finn assures her she’s always his mother. He has had questions over the years about where he came from. Li wishes she could tell him something — they got no details about his birth parents. Finn reveals that it turns out his birth mother was thinking about him all this time and has made herself known today. “This woman, Sheila, is my birth mother.” Steffy reels and looks ill, as though she might pass out.
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Sheila announces she’s made a lot of mistakes, but she wanted to see her son. There’s hollering about a DNA test. Finn doesn’t believe she’s lying. Steffy insists it’s a lie, a con. Jack pipes up, “No, it’s not.” He confirms, “She’s telling the truth.” Li asks how he could know. He reveals Sheila contacted him years ago. Finn is upset that he knew and didn’t tell him. Jack didn’t want that for him — the Forresters aren’t lying; she’s not the kind of person you want in your life. He prayed she wouldn’t show up on his wedding day.
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Steffy intones, “So it’s true. Sheila is Finn’s mother. Sheila…” Sheila beams, “I’m your mother-in-law Steffy.” The bride is rocked. Sheila shoots a smug glance up at Stephanie’s portrait.
Steffy, Finn, stunned look, Sheila B&B

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