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In the Forrester living room, the officiant asks if anyone knows of any reason why Steffy and Finn shouldn’t be joined in holy matrimony. Finn’s father, Jack, casts his eyes nervously toward the door. When no one objects, they move on to words from their loved ones and family. Hope speaks about the love for their children allowing her and Steffy to resolve their differences. She feels the ceremony is a reflection of Steffy’s love of family, welcomes Jack and Li, and teases about Dr. Finnegan’s deep dark secrets. She tells Finn he is kind and honorable and is marrying someone equally amazing. Steffy and Hope embrace.
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Steffy and Finn next exchange personal vows. Finn wants everyone to know how excited he is to be standing there with Steffy in front of their families. She’s opened him up with her spirit and he’ll never stop being amazed by her beauty. He pledges to be a man she can depend on and will be by her side as they grow into their future together. “I love you.” Steffy expresses her love in kind. She tells Finn he’s an incredible father and stepfather and teases him about his corny dad jokes. He’s been steadfast and is kind, caring and giving. “You’ve captured my heart.” She can’t wait to get to know his parents and wants to know every little thing about him. Steffy vows to love him; they’re on this crazy ride together.
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Paris dabs at tears as Steffy and Finn say their ‘I do’s and exchange rings. The officiant pronounces them ‘husband and wife’ and says, “Steffy, you may kiss your husband.” Everyone applauds as Finn pulls Steffy into a deep dip of a kiss. The happy couple beam at each other and their guests.
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Once the reception is in full swing, Steffy and Finn mingle with their guests. Steffy marvels to her new husband, “We did it. We’re married.” Eric loves to see them come together like this and Hope remarks on how good it feels to put all the conflict behind them. Paris and Zende admire their closeness, and Thomas reflects that Finn may be the most genuine guy he’s met. Nearby, Pam tells Steffy and Finn she has to go. Steffy worries that it’s because they let Brooke handle the wedding cake. Pam reassures her and expresses to Steffy how much it means to have Stephanie’s portrait up and how much she is like her.
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Steffy walks Pam out and then Thomas tells his sister how happy he is for her. He’s glad she finally found a guy she can depend on. Under the portrait, Brooke assures Ridge that Stephanie will never stop looking down on them. Finn and Steffy join Liam and Hope to gush about Kelly as the flower girl. Liam thinks the four of them will do a really nice job raising the kids. Eric calls for attention and makes a toast to the newlyweds. His late wife cared more for family than anything else and would wish Finn good luck with her namesake.
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Steffy makes a speech thanking everyone for being there with them. Finn knows he speaks for his parents when he says it’s wonderful to be welcomed into the Forrester family. He smooches his bride. Jack and Li echo Finn’s sentiments and everyone clinks their glasses again. By the door, Finn tells Steffy he needs to step out to the guest house to respond to a message about a patient. They kiss and he exits. Steffy and Ridge share a close moment as he says everyone is rooting for her and nothing is going to ruin this day.

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In the guesthouse, Finn completes his call and a voice says, “Congratulations.” Finn didn’t realize anyone was in there and asks, “Who are you?” The voice responds, “It’s me, sweetheart. Your mother.” Sheila Carter steps out of the shadows and repeats, “I’m your mother.”

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