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In the cabin, Steffy gushes about the wedding with Hope and Liam, who are thrilled for her. Liam wonders what to get her for a wedding gift, but Steffy says they already gave it — she has her matron of honor. Liam turns serious and says he’s really happy she’s happy and has a new appreciation for Finn. Steffy shares hugs with them both again.
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After Steffy’s gone, Hope and Liam get into a talk about in-laws and Hope teasingly accuses him of kissing up to her mom, when Brooke enters. She learns Steffy was just there and asks what she was doing there the night before her wedding. Hope explains first, that Taylor won’t be able to make it to the wedding. Brooke says she’d heard. Hope goes on to reveal that they want to be one big happy family, which is why Steffy asked her to be her matron of honor. Brooke’s pleasantly surprised and asks, “You said yes, right?” Hope assures her she did, and Liam acknowledges that the animosity over the years was largely because of him. They think it’s time to put it behind them and start a new chapter.

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Quinn arrives at Carter’s place, where he’s doing pull-ups to loud music. He tells her he’s just wrapping up his workout and comes over to greet her. Carter notices she’s not herself. Quinn relays that there’s a wedding tomorrow at the Forrester mansion and adds, “Need I say more?” They kiss and then Quinn muses that the crown jewel of the Forrester family is getting married tomorrow at her former home. Everyone will be there… except her. Carter figures it reminds her of everything she gave up when she lost Eric. Quinn admits the wedding got her feeling reflective; she needed to be with the gorgeous caring man who lifts her up. “Tonight I didn’t want to be apart from you.” Carter strokes her face and they kiss deeply as they lower themselves to the sofa. After sex, Quinn reminds Carter about his dinner order and talks about how much he’s risking to be with her.
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Steffy enters the cliff house to find the place lit with candlelight. Finn emerges from the other room shirtless and murmurs, “Welcome home my soon-to-be bride.” They kiss. Steffy tells her fiancé that she asked Hope to be her matron of honor. Finn wants tonight to be about the strong amazing woman he’s about to marry. They take to the sofa and Finn marvels about how incredible tomorrow will be. Steffy could be getting ready for tomorrow, but nothing is more important than her sexy doctor. She marvels at how he takes care of her and the children. When she woke up in the hospital and saw him looking down at her, it was like something just flipped in her. She knew he was going to be in her life forever. “You transformed my life.” Steffy and Finn laugh with joy at getting married tomorrow, and share another kiss.
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At the cabin, Liam and Hope enjoy a romantic evening without the kids. Liam is grateful to have her and their life. “You’ve brought so much joy to my life, so much light to my life. You’ve taught me so much.” He feels so lucky to be her husband and loves her more than he thought it was possible to love someone. “I always will.” They kiss passionately.
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