pam arrives at steffy and finn's wedding bb
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At the Forrester mansion, Eric, Ridge, Thomas and Brooke welcome Finn to the family. Brooke comments on Stephanie’s portrait being above the fireplace again. Eric says it was Steffy’s way to honor her grandmother. Zende and Paris stand nearby, as Liam and Kelly arrive. Finn picks up Kelly then later the adults comment on how unexpected it was that Steffy asked Hope to be her matron of honor.

finn holds kelly wedding bb

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Upstairs, Hope thanks Steffy for including her in such an important role. Steffy remarks that it’s not just a new beginning for her and Hope, it’s for the whole family. She hugs Hope. Paris appears with champagne and again reminds Steffy that she and Finn are meant to be — nothing is going to stop them from having a beautiful life together. They pour a drink and toast to the bride.

steffy and hope wedding day bb

Back downstairs, Jack and Li enter, and Finn introduces his parents to the Forresters. Li fusses over Finn’s tie, as the family gushes about how happy Finn has made Steffy. Ridge steps away to check on the bride as the minister, Jerry (played by Petri Hawkins-Byrd), appears. Finn thanks him for coming and can’t wait to start the ceremony.

finn with family and in-laws wedding bb

Outside, a mystery woman appears then enters the mansion with a veil over her face. Finn’s father approaches the woman and warns, “This is a private ceremony.” The woman stays silent and Jack says, “You… Is it you?” The woman lifts her veil and says, “It’s me all right.” It’s Pam! Jack appears very relieved, as Pam introduces herself. Eric approaches and comments, “She likes to make a grand entrance.” After Eric introduces her to Li and Finn, Pam spots Stephanie’s portrait and becomes emotional. She informs Finn, “You’re getting the best of the best.” Finn knows that more than anyone.

pam meets finn's dad jack wedding day bb

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Ridge enters the room upstairs and Hope and Paris give him a moment alone with Steffy. He couldn’t be happier for his daughter. They briefly talk about Taylor not being able to make it, and how Phoebe will be there in spirit, then both shed a few tears over the happiness Finn and Steffy have created. Steffy promises to always be his little girl. Ridge hugs his daughter then Hope reappears. Ridge agrees to meet Steffy downstairs then leaves Hope to finish helping Steffy get ready.

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Back downstairs, Eric agrees, if they have time later, to play a tune for Steffy, then Hope announces from the staircase that the bride is ready. Everyone takes their seats as Kelly walks down the aisle as the flower girl. The music begins and Steffy, looking beautiful, descends the stairs. Finn can’t take his eyes off of Steffy.

finn wedding day bb

Everyone stands and Steffy walks into the room and joins Finn at the front. Ridge smiles at his daughter from the sidelines then everyone is seated again. The minister begins the ceremony and says the father of the bride has a few words. Ridge thanks Finn’s parents for raising such a good son. He relays how Finn promised to look after his daughter. Ridge recalls making that same promise when Steffy was born and wonders how he can give away the person that makes him breathe. Ridge knows no one can tell Steffy what to do. “You can’t give her away or hold onto her unless that’s what she wants,” Ridge says then addresses Finn, “She wants you to make her happy.” He pulls out a folded photo of Steffy as a child from his wallet. In tears, Ridge vows to hold on to his little girl forever and knows nothing will come between Steffy and Finn ever. Everyone wipes away tears, as Ridge professes his love to them both. Steffy tells Finn she’s ready to marry him.

finn and his dad jack wedding bb

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful, Finn and Steffy’s wedding continues as the couple pledges their love.

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