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At the cabin, Liam smooches Hope as she tries to work. She gets a notification on her phone and happily shares news with Liam — it’s a wedding announcement; Steffy and Finn are getting married! Liam realizes the news is all over social media and muses that they didn’t waste any time. Hope figured they’d get married soon and is happy for them. Liam says he is too, and assures Hope when she asks that he’s not jealous of Finn’s relationship with Kelly. Hope thinks this wedding is the beginning of a new chapter for all of them.
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At Forrester Creations, more pleasantries are exchanged between Steffy and Finn’s parents. Steffy tells Li and Jack they raised an incredible son and kisses Finn.
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They join Eric in the other office, and Eric tells Steffy she missed a visit from Phyllis Summers, who passes on her best wishes. Eric offers to have their wedding at his house. Steffy and Finn agree; it’s a family tradition, and her grandfather is very happy. Eric feels this wedding will be extra special given that the young couple is so inspirational. He teasingly tells Jack and Li that his granddaughter likes to do things her own way. Steffy thinks about what she would like and asks Eric if he will put Stephanie’s portrait back up for the ceremony. Eric agrees and promises to tell the Finnegans all about her one day. After everyone leaves, Steffy takes out her phone and calls Hope.
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At the cabin, Hope takes Steffy’s call and congratulates her. Steffy asks to stop by so she assures her they’ll be there. After disconnecting, Hope wonders to Liam what Steffy wants to see them about — she said it was important. They speculate until Steffy arrives.
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Hope and Liam hug Steffy and learn that Finn’s parents are in town, and that the wedding will be held at Eric’s with Stephanie’s portrait on the wall. It’s a nice touch since Steffy’s mom can’t be there. She hedges that the ceremony will be private, and then surprises Hope and Liam by asking them to be there. Steffy wants them to be a big messy family. Hope and Liam assure her they’ll attend. Steffy next turns to Hope. She knows they’ve lived this big tug of war, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Hope agrees they can do better. Steffy truly believes they’re moving forward and would like to acknowledge that — they’re strong, accomplished women and Steffy would love it if Hope would stand with her at the altar as her matron of honor. Hope will do it. Liam, stunned, grins as the women embrace and enthuse. Steffy can’t wait to tell Finn — this is going to be a day they’re never going to forget!
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At the cliff house, Finn and his mother see Kelly off with Amelia — she’s going to tumbling class. Jack asks if Finn gets along with her father. Finn muses that Liam is a good dad but he and Steffy have a long complicated history — she could never feel secure with him. Finn has freed her from that cycle; she can depend on him. The last thing he’d ever want to do is bring any complications into her life. Jack looks pensive. Finn continues to talk about how much Steffy has overcome and Liam’s inability to make her a priority. He wants to give her a smooth, drama-free life.

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