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At the cliff house, Finn’s dad, Jack, gets choked up over his son being in love. There’s a knock on the door. It’s Finn’s mom, Li. She comes in, embraces her son, meets Steffy, and as they stand and chat, Jack tells her Finn just let Steffy know he is adopted. Suddenly, the baby wakes up. Steffy takes her mother-in-law to be to meet her grandson as Finn tells Jack how lucky he is to have Steffy in his life.
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At Forrester Creations, Brooke watches as Thomas, Ridge and Eric put the finishing touches on a fabulous silvery-white gown. Thomas sees the model out and then rejoins the group. Brooke declares that it was magical watching the Forrester men work together in sync. Ridge gets a message from Steffy, who wants to come by the office. Ridge quips that maybe he should dust off his tux. Brooke muses, “Do you think it’s about a wedding?”
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Eric wonders if Steffy’s been hesitant to marry and talk turns to Finn’s parents. Brooke thinks they must be amazing since Finn’s so great. Thomas interjects, “Not necessarily,” and pokes fun at how he turned out. Eric is just glad there’s some good news in the family for a change. Thomas asks if he’s okay. Eric reassures him and reflects on the heartache those in the room have experienced… the light at the end of the tunnel is family. Eric feels Steffy’s happiness and his new great grandson puts things in perspective. Ridge doesn’t care if his daughter gets married or not; she’s happy and that’s what’s important. Brooke agrees.
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At Steffy’s place, she tells Finn’s parents again how happy she is to meet them. Jack relays that they’re pleased their son found such an incredible woman. Li marvels that the baby is so beautiful she could stare at him for hours. Steffy laughs; they have. Finn gushes to them about Kelly. Li says they’re proud of him. Finn talks about how they inspired him and Li teases about the punk rock band he started in high school. Finn couldn’t have asked for better parents and jokes to Steffy, “Isn’t it nice to know my family’s not a bunch of crazies?” They discuss going to meet Kelly and Steffy’s family at Forrester.
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At Forrester, Eric and Ridge exclaim over Zende’s latest designs. Thomas gets a text from Steffy and informs everyone that ‘they’ are on their way up. Steffy and Finn enter the office and introductions are made to Finn’s parents. When the greetings die down, Finn explains that he’s adopted so the Forresters are in the loop. Talk turns to how to spoil grandchildren and Brooke gushes that it’s remarkable to see your children raising their children. Everyone is ecstatic when Steffy announces that she and Finn have decided to get married right away. Congratulations and hugs ensue.
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Ridge asks Steffy if she’s spoken to her mother. Steffy relays that Taylor can’t get away to attend the wedding; she’s still doing her missionary work, but she can’t wait to meet the baby and is honored that he’s named after her. Steffy posts her wedding announcement on the office screen for them all to see. Jack seems concerned that they’re putting it online for the world to see. Steffy presses a button and the announcement goes out. Jack hugs Li but his expression is that of a worried man.

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In an undisclosed location, an unseen person gets an alert from Forrester Creations on their computer screen, clicks on it, and the wedding announcement pops up. The person zooms in on Finn’s face in the photo.

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