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At home, Steffy shops for Kelly’s flower girl dress while Finn holds Hayes. She teases about him keeping his parents hidden, but Finn assures her it won’t be for much longer — like it or not, they wouldn’t miss his wedding. Steffy feels they can’t be that bad. Finn assures her they’re not, but there is something she should know. Something he probably should have told her a long time ago.
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At Forrester Creations, Brooke and Ridge are watching Eric fit a gown on a model when Carter enters. The model exits and Eric asks Carter for an update on the divorce. He relays these things take time. Brooke wants him to speed up the process — the sooner Quinn is out of all of their lives, the better.
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At Carter’s loft, Quinn sniffs his shirt and flashes to taking it off of him before they made love. An idea pops into her mind and she texts him. “I need to see you.”
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In the Forrester office, Carter reads Quinn’s text as Eric asks if he’s seen his ex-wife. Carter didn’t see her when she came to the office, but can send a letter strongly advising she stay away. Brooke gives him a stern reminder that as Eric’s attorney, it’s his job to stick it to Quinn. After the COO exits, Brooke recaps how Quinn hurt Eric and all the pain she’s caused. Eric argues it went both ways — she claims he was never defending her and took the family, and Brooke’s, side against her. He has to take some responsibility for constantly valuing Brooke over Quinn. Ridge throws up his hands — she slept with another man! Brooke warns Eric not to let Quinn to manipulate him; he doesn’t like being alone and never has. She advises him to only communicate with his ex through the lawyers. “She’s in Carter’s hands right now.”

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At the loft, Quinn holds a martini glass and flashes through memories of sharing the cocktail with Eric during happier times. Carter arrives to find her wearing a fedora. She can only imagine what Brooke was saying about her at the office. Carter asks why she wanted to see him. Quinn pulls the hat off and muses, “You have to ask?” She can’t stop thinking about how Carter makes her feel, and about Eric, and everything that’s happened in their marriage. Carter suggests there’s a chance she could get Eric to take her back. She tosses him the hat and he catches it with a grin. Moving closer to her, Carter calls her sexy, passionate and spellbinding. They kiss. Quinn teases, “If you need to go back to work…” Carter can’t quit her. Quinn worries she can’t give him a family and children, but he wants her regardless.

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At the cliff house, the baby has gone for a nap and Finn and Steffy resume their conversation about his parents. Finn isn’t sure why he didn’t come clean the first time she asked about his parents… Steffy assures him she’ll be supportive. Just then, there’s a knock at the door. It’s a man who introduces himself to Steffy as Finn’s father, Jack Finnigan. Finn gawps, “Dad?”
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Jack’s there to meet his grandson now that he’s finally met his future daughter-in-law. Finn learns his mother had to take a later flight and that Jack thought it would be fun to surprise him. Finn slings an arm around his dad’s shoulders as Steffy says how pleased she is to meet him. Jack welcomes her to the family and she enthuses that she’s very happy to be joining it. Finn reveals that he was just about to open up to Steffy about their family. His dad asks, “You haven’t told her?” Finn assures her it’s nothing bad. What he’s about to tell her doesn’t define him, but it’s a part of him. She should know because if affects Hayes. If a doctor asks about family history, it’s not something he’s able to answer and Hayes won’t be able to either, at least on his side. “I’m adopted.” Steffy gasps, “Wow.” He had her worried for a second.
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Steffy asks if he’s always known and whether he’s met his birth parents. Finn’s always thought of looking them up; he’d like to know why his birth mother gave him away… and thank her for giving him the parents he had. Steffy assures Jack that he and his wife are a part of Hayes because they made Finn the man he is. She throws her arms around Finn and says, “I love you so much no matter where you came from.” Jack watches them with a concerned expression and wonders to himself, “Do I tell them?”

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Finn’s dad, Jack, surprises him and Steffy with a visit.

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