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At the cliff house, Finn tells Steffy she’s making him a happy man by agreeing to marry him. He thinks Kelly will be excited too. Steffy gushes, “Let’s do this. Let’s get married.” They share a deep kiss.

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They move to the sofa, where Finn runs down all the things she’s given him, and Steffy again mentions meeting his parents at their wedding as she asks him about setting a date. Finn just wants to savor this moment with his soon-to-be-wife. They decide to take advantage of the baby sleeping and make love. Things turn passionate as they begin removing their clothing and Steffy climbs into his lap, but after some discussion they put on the brakes. Steffy thinks they should start planning the wedding. Finn feels traditional weddings take too much time and suggests they do something unexpected. Steffy wants her family there and wants the opportunity to meet his parents. Finn embraces her and looks worried.
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At Forrester Creations, Ridge and Brooke exclaim over Eric’s latest gown as he adjusts it on a model. He feels like recommitting to his art now that his marriage is over. Just then, Quinn strolls in. Brooke is incensed — she’s not allowed in the building and is under strict orders to stay away. She prompts, “Go on, Eric. Tell her!” Eric reminds her she agreed to work remotely. Quinn wanted to deliver her designs in person. Ridge and Brooke try to get her to leave and the blonde threatens to call security, but Eric stops her. He can handle this. Brooke tells Quinn she can’t wait until she’s out of Eric’s life for good as she and Ridge exit.
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Eric asks Quinn if she plans to apologize again, but that’s not why she’s there. They discuss her designs and then Eric’s surprised to hear she hasn’t hired a lawyer for the divorce yet. She’ll take whatever settlement he offers — she never wanted his money. She never doubted his fairness, only his inability to defend her; he always sided with Brooke and his family over her. Eric informs her he can’t forgive her and she can’t justify her actions — there’s no excuse for turning to another man. Quinn recaps how he froze her out in the bedroom. He hated that Quinn betrayed Ridge and betrayed him. Quinn complains he gave Brooke carte blanche to vilify him day after day. “I’m your wife.” Why couldn’t he absolve her when he has so many others — Thomas, Brooke, all of his ex-wives… “Why couldn’t you find it in your heart to forgive me?”
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In the design office, Brooke is ranting to Ridge about Quinn when Carter enters. They fill him in on Eric being with the unwanted guest and Brooke seethes that she would have kicked her out by now. She tells Carter that he really needs to push this divorce forward. His expression causes her to ask if she’s making him uncomfortable. Ridge interjects, “Of course, it does.” Brooke’s just glad Carter came to his senses and ended it with Quinn. She hopes that’s what Eric is doing right now. Brooke reiterates that Carter should find time in his “very busy schedule” to get the divorce done as she and Ridge depart. Carter flashes to being with Quinn at the loft and shakes his head.
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In the main office, Quinn informs Eric she won’t be defined by her mistake — she turned to Carter for a reason. She knows she hurt him, but she’s done apologizing because he took Brooke’s word over everyone’s, including hers. Eric argues he defended her to everyone in his life from the very beginning. Quinn didn’t feel protected. She was stuck in a marriage lacking warmth and intimacy. She owns her mistakes but is walking away from the marriage knowing she gave it everything she had. Quinn may not have her portrait hanging over the fireplace, but she’s being true to herself and is proud of the woman she’s becoming.

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