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At the cliff house, Steffy sees Kelly off to the zoo with Amelia outside, then re-enters where Finn is telling Hayes he’ll have to hang with his folks. He advises the baby of his mom’s best qualities and lets him know how important he is to them. Finn hopes to make a wedding happen real soon. Steffy gets to work and realizes she’s missing files. Finn offers to stop by Forrester and get them while on the diaper run. Ridge comes in to visit as Finn leaves.
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Ridge rubs the baby’s tummy and Steffy marvels at her handsome doctor becoming her fiancé and the father of her son. She tells Ridge there’s something he should know. He looks at little concerned, and after she gets the baby settled, reflects that he doesn’t know much about Finn. Steffy reveals he wanted to marry her right there the other day but she balked. Ridge asks if she still has feelings for Liam. Steffy replies that he’s happy with Hope and she wants to be with Finn — it’s nice to be off the rollercoaster. She’s a little overwhelmed by the idea of getting married right now, however, and wonders why they need a piece of paper.
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Ridge is with Finn on this one, but would like to know the guy’s parents. He reflects on being a poor role model for her given he was torn between two women. But she’s not him; she’s not torn, and should marry Finn. Steffy also wants to know Finn’s parents and where he came from, but would hate for him to feel rejected. She does an about face as she realizes marrying Finn is exactly what she wants and asks rhetorically, “Why wait?” Ridge decides to call Finn’s parents and Steffy wants to tell her mom. She reassures her father she has no reservations. He asks, “So, when are you getting married?”
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In Forrester Creations’ design office, Paris admires Zende’s latest design and they go over how happy they are that they met. He’s grateful to have her in his life and she feels the same way. Zende asks if she’s heard from Zoe. Paris has had a few texts and told her she moved in with Steffy and Finn. Zende zones out, then admits there’s something he wants to say to her. “About the two of us.” He touches on how quickly they connected and she’s not sure what he’s trying to tell her. The conversation swings to work briefly before Zende revisits what he wanted to say. He recaps that they’ve been dating, and there’s clearly an attraction, but they’re co-workers and he’d hate to mess up their careers. Zende suggests they be careful and Paris agrees. She’s been thinking the same thing. They decide to take things slower and embrace. Zende hopes he hasn’t led her on. Paris reassures him.
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They’re still canoodling when Finn interrupts looking for Steffy’s file. Zende goes to get them after congratulating Finn on getting Paris to move in. Once alone, Finn tells Paris she can stay as long as she needs. Paris thinks they’re wonderful people and she can see why they work so well. Finn remarks that Steffy’s his wife, or the mother of his child, and he’ll always be there for her. Paris sees how good they are together and talks up their relationship. “It’s lucky you guys have found one another.”

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