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At the loft, Carter tells Quinn how beautiful she is, inside and out. He never wants to hear her doubt her worth again. Quinn is touched, and feels the same about him, but their connection is too costly. Carter calls it profound, but Quinn reminds, “You have too much at stake.” She’s brought nothing but chaos into his life. Carter can’t deny that she has — a little bit — then listens as Quinn beats herself up for hurting Eric, the wonderful man she loves. She’s afraid she’ll do the same thing to Carter. He makes it clear it’s not that easy and admits, “I can’t get you out of my head.” With Quinn in his arms, he continues, “I don’t want it to end.” Quinn doesn’t either but it has to and once again reminds him she’s just going to hurt him — he’ll end up hating her. She couldn’t stand that because she cares too much about him. Quinn knows she shouldn’t be there but wanted to see him one last time. Carter is glad she came over. “This is it,” Quinn says. “Goodbye.” Carter watches her walk out the door. Outside the loft, Quinn leans on the door, as inside, Cater looks at her portrait.

carter and quinn hold hands at loft bb

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At the beach house, Finn and Steffy thank Paris for the lunch, for quieting Hayes down and for all of the updates on the foundation. “I’m impressed,” Steffy says. “You’re a rock star.” Paris is happy to help and watches as Finn and Steffy gush over each other. Talk turns to Zoe. Paris misses her. “You could always send Paris to Paris,” Finn suggests, to which Steffy laughs off as a dad joke. Paris peeks at Hayes, who’s still sleeping, then admits she wants what Steffy and Finn have. Finn and Steffy recall what turned out to be the worst day in her life ended up being their best. Talk turns to how beautiful it is at the beach before they have another discussion about the foundation. Steffy can tell Paris is stressed. Paris reveals that she has to find a place to live since Zoe’s lease is up. She’ll probably end up living out of the trunk of her car. When they learn she’s in a hotel for now, Steffy looks at Finn and asks the other woman, “Paris, would you like to stay with us?” Finn agrees, they’d love to have her. Paris is stunned by the generous offer, as Steffy insists — at least until she gets situated. Paris shares, “This is the nicest thing anyone’s done for me,” then accepts. There are hugs all-around.

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Over at Forrester, Brooke makes it clear she’s not heartbroken that Quinn is out of Eric’s life. Eric confirms they are over, but Brooke warns Quinn will likely want a settlement. “Carter’s on top of it,” Eric promises. “I’ll leave her in his capable hands.” Brooke blames Quinn for seducing Carter then they all ponder whose dress was on the back of Carter’s couch. Eric doesn’t think they should speculate, the dress doesn’t mean there’s a woman there. However, they continue to speculate and wonder if Carter has a woman with him or if he’s sitting at his loft alone, trying to pick up the pieces. Eric gets impatient and wonders where Carter is. He wants to get this divorce going! Brooke thinks it sounds like Eric wants to stick it to Quinn.

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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful, Carter comes to the rescue — yet again.

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