carter looks guilty at loft bb
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At the loft, Quinn and Carter continue kissing on the couch, wrapped in a blanket, in each other’s arms, and agree they can’t keep doing this. Quinn knows Eric would flip his lid if he knew they were still involved. She can’t let that happen to Carter.

carter and quinn kiss at loft after sex bb

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At Forrester, Ridge objects to the article headline listing him and Brooke as co-CEOs. Brooke doesn’t see anything wrong with it, but Ridge reminds her that he and his daughter have been running this company. Brooke can respect that but asks how Ridge would feel about being co-CEO with her? Ridge can’t think of Brooke in that position — since it’s already taken by someone else, Steffy. Brooke’s happy when Ridge comments that the company wouldn’t be the same without her. She suggests filling in while Steffy is gone — they could be the next Eric and Stephanie Forrester. Eric appears and interrupts, looking for Carter. He wants this divorce to get underway! Ridge suggests he call him.

brooek talks to ridge about future forrester bb

Back at loft, Carter’s ringtone alerts him to Eric’s call. Quinn jumps out of the picture before Carter answers the Facetime. “Carter,” Eric asks. “You’re half-dressed. Did I catch you in the middle of something?” Carter stumbles on his words and agrees to meet with Eric, who wants to get started on the divorce and discuss the jewelry line. He wants all this ugliness taken care of — and is sure Carter wants that too! Carter agrees then sees Ridge jump in the frame during the call. Ridge notices the dress on the couch behind Carter and jokes about it not being a good fit. Carter tries to smirk and says, “It’s not mine,” then finishes up the call. He looks at Quinn and says, “What’re we doing.” Quinn admits she can’t do this to him anymore. Carter objects but Quinn reminds him he’ll be shut out of Forrester and says, “I’m not worth it.” But Carter disagrees, “Yes, you are.”

quinn looks guilty at carter's loft bb

At Forrester, Eric comments, “That was awkward.” Ridge replies, “Now we know what Carter was doing.” Brooke wonders if they have any idea who the woman was.

eric looks mad at forrester bb

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Over at the beach house, Paris visits with Steffy and Finn, who are running low on sleep. Steffy thanks Paris for coming over to talk about the foundation then struggles to find her notes. Finn locates them and Steffy assures Paris she’ll be back in the office soon. Paris gazes at Hayes and comments on how handsome he is. They are appreciative that Paris brought lunch and again talk about parenting. Steffy takes a brief call from Kelly then gets caught up on the foundation and the need for more public awareness about addiction. She reflects on her past addiction, as Finn gives his input on the issue. Paris convinces Finn to help with their cause and he agrees with Steffy — Paris is very impressive and so is her work. Once they wrap up business, Hayes begins to cry. Steffy picks up her son and Finn hands her a bottle. Hayes doesn’t appear hungry so Finn tries. When the baby continues to cry, Paris offers to help. Finn accepts — they could use it. Paris takes the baby and sings to him, like her mom used to do with her. Hayes quiets down to sweet little babbles, leaving Finn and Steffy in awe. They thank Paris for having the “magic touch.”

paris visits steffy and finn at beach house bb

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful, Paris receives a generous offer from an unexpected source.

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