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At the beach house, Finn holds a diamond wedding band and asks Steffy to marry him now with Hayes as their witness. Steffy loves Finn, and his romantic ways, but asks, “You really just want to race into this?” She’s not saying no, but hasn’t even met his family yet, and wonders if there’s a reason he doesn’t want to have a big wedding. Finn denies it, and promises Steffy a big wedding if she wants it, but asks if her holding off has anything to do with Liam. Steffy calms Finn’s suspicions by reminding him that Liam is simply Kelly’s father, and agrees to get married once he gets his parents to Los Angeles. Finn appears uncomfortable and doesn’t look as though he’s in a hurry to make that happen.

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Brooke is photographed for a magazine shoot at Forrester by real-life photographer Ellen von Unwerth. After she thanks Ellen, and proclaims her to be the best, Ridge joins them. Ellen immediately notices their chemistry and convinces Ridge to join Brooke for some more photos. They have some fun, as Ellen snaps more shoots, then Brooke and Ridge say goodbye to the famous photog.

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Ridge and Brooke head to the main office, where she comments on keeping him on his toes by not filling him in on the photo shoot. Brooke gets a link to the magazine article from Ellen, then shows Ridge. They look at the photos of them together, which confuses Ridge, who thought the article was going to be about Brooke. “Surprise,” Brooke says. It’s a way to honor their love. Ridge notices that the headline addresses them as co-CEOs of Forrester Creations and says they need to get that fixed — Steffy wouldn’t be happy. Brooke doesn’t appear bothered by it.

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In the design office, Paris finishes up a call then talks to Zende about the lease being up at Zoe’s place. The conversation turns to how much pain Quinn and Carter caused Zoe and Eric.

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Over at the loft, Carter admits to Quinn that he couldn’t get rid of her portrait like Eric asked. He also notes that representing Eric in her divorce is a major conflict of interest. Quinn agrees but if this is to be their last time together, she plans to make the most of the moment. She showers Carter with compliments and for making her feel so free — being Mrs. Eric Forester always made her feel as though she wasn’t good enough. However, being with Carter… He too vows to never stop thinking about her and to always remember what they mean to each other. Quinn seduces Carter with words, then says, “We can’t.” There’s too much at stake. One day he’ll rebuild his reputation and find a beautiful model at Forrester to create a life with. “That’s not what I want,” Carter sighs. “What do you want?” Quinn asks. After he kisses her, the clothes begin to come off and they move to the couch and have sex. Afterwards, Quinn admits that though they keep trying to pull away and move on, she wants to stay with him. But she also knows this has to end and they’ll eventually have their last kiss and say goodbye. Carter kisses her passionately.

Carter and Quinn B&B Kiss

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