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Steffy tells Finn that Kelly is spending the night with Liam. When Finn mentions that they need to finish filling out the paperwork for son Hayes’ name, Steffy stops him, saying that’s something she wants to talk about.

She says she’s not changing her mind about the name, it fits perfectly, and she’s thrilled they can honor her mother this way. (Sidebar: Not quite sure how naming the child after Taylor’s first husband, Blake Hayes — who eventually went kinda psycho — is an honor, but moving on… ) Steffy says that the baby is part her and part him, so she wants the baby’s name to reflect both of them. With that in mind, she suggests that the newborn’s full name should be Hayes Forrester Finnigan. They talk about their wedding and honeymoon. With both unsure they can leave Hayes at this point, they think about perhaps having a stay-at-home honeymoon with the kids.

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Finn tells Steffy this is the happiest he’s ever been in his life. She’s given him the responsibility of being a dad and a husband. “I don’t see a wedding band on this finger,” she points out, prompting him to suggest that they tie the knot immediately! If they were to get married right this moment, he asks, what would her vows be? She says how much she loves him and that she hopes their son has his voice and his kind heart. In turn, Finn says that his vows would talk about how grateful he is to be marrying a strong, confident, beautiful woman. “I can’t imagine my life without you,” he admits. “You made me a father. Now, I want you to make me a husband.” With that, he takes out rings. “I promise to love, honor and cherish you for the rest of my life,” he declares. “Can you do the same?” He says they should just do it, “right here, right now!”

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Wyatt asks Bill how the heck they’re going to replace the huge void left by… but Bill stops his son, saying he doesn’t want to hear Justin’s name. He’s not ever going to forget the way his former best friend/attorney betrayed him. Katie joins Wyatt in suggesting that maybe, possibly, perhaps Bill might at some point chill out and forgive Justin. Bill, however, is not about to change his mind.

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Instead, Bill wants to talk about getting re-involved in son Will’s life. He wants to talk about the boy’s soccer practice and heck, carpools. “What, you don’t think I can get in the carpool lane just like any old dad?” he asks Katie. She suggests that Bill come over, saying their son will be happy to see him. Before departing, she reminds Bill that Justin was his best friend. “He betrayed you, and I know that hurts… so you can bluster and you can say that he’s dead to you, but we both know it’s more complicated than that.”

At Forrester, Ridge and Justin discuss the deal the legal eagle is pitching: In exchange for them not pressing charges against him for having held Thomas hostage, Justin will provide them with all the dirt they could possibly want on Bill. “I know you despise Bill Spencer and rightfully so,” says Justin. “But I’m giving you the chance to have the upper hand on him. You’d be crazy to pass it up!”

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Although Ridge suggests that instead of making a deal with Justin they simply have him arrested and prosecuted, Thomas suggests his dad slow his role. “I know what it’s like to have a lapse in judgement,” says Thomas. (Oh boy, does he!) Thomas also knows what it’s like to hate Bill. But, he wonders, can they trust Justin? “No you can’t trust him, it’s Justin!” points out an incredulous Ridge. Justin suggests that perhaps he can prove his value and loyalty. How? By handing over Dollar Bill’s most prized possession… his sword necklace! Justin asks if they have a deal and Ridge silently crosses the room to accept the necklace.

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Contemplating the offer and Bill’s necklace, Ridge’s thoughts are interrupted when Eric arrives looking for Carter so he can get the divorce proceedings started. Ridge says Carter’s not in yet, which surprises Eric. “I’d think he’d be the first person in to show we didn’t make a mistake in keeping him on,” says Eric, “not firing him.” Ridge asks if his dad is reconsidering his decision to give Carter a second chance, but Eric says no… as long as Carter has nothing to do with Quinn.

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Quinn tells Carter she’s thrilled that he still has his job at Forrester, dubbing him irreplaceable. She guesses that this second chance comes with a price: He can no longer see her. As for herself, Quinn says that she was successful before Forrester Creations, and she will be again. She talks about how Eric was the center of her life for so long, the status that came with it and the portrait above the fireplace… at which point Carter reveals that he has said portrait stuffed behind the couch. “What is my portrait doing here?” asks a stunned Quinn.

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After agreeing that no one can ever know Carter has the portrait, Quinn wonders how they ever let things get so out of control. But each admits they can’t stop thinking about their time together. Carter says he feels guilty because she lost everything and he lost nothing. “I know you’re strong, but this has got to be brutal, and I want to make it better,” he says, moving closer. “I want to take you in my arms and tell you it’s going to be OK.” But, he says snapping out of it, “I can’t.” He steps back, reminding himself he is Eric’s divorce attorney. For her part, Quinn says she’s not going to ruin this for him. “It has to be over, Carter. I can’t be in your arms again.”

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Quinn asks if Eric really made Carter staying away from her a requirement of his continued employment. Doing a darn good Eric impersonation, Carter says, “If you want your job, stay away from Quinn!” That being the case, Quinn says that’s what they need to do. “I just hope that you will always remember the connection that we shared,” she says. She adds that he’ll obviously move on, what with him being so handsome and kind. “There is a lucky woman out there just waiting for you,” she says, turning to leave. But as she opens the door, Carter pushes it closed and the next thing you know, they are sharing another steamy, forbidden kiss…

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