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In the main office at Forrester, Steffy, Thomas, Brooke and Ridge discuss Liam being free and how shocked they are at both Vinny and Justin’s actions. “What’s important is that nothing terrible happened to me and Liam is back with his family,” says Thomas. Ridge, however, wants to focus on what’s truly important: blaming Bill. “All of this because Spencer once again made a bad decision,” grouses the designer.

Talk turns to Quinn and how she, like Justin, is out of their lives (or so they think). Brooke and Steffy agree that this is something else to celebrate. Thomas, however, can’t help feeling bad for Carter. Brooke wonders how good guy Quinn got swept up into bad girl Quinn’s web. Ridge says they’re all giving Carter a second chance. “If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times: You don’t sleep with the bosses wife,” quips Ridge. Thomas agrees Carter is the best man for his job and says it’s big of Eric to let him stay on. “I’m sure he’s very thankful,” says Brooke. “He’s an exceptional guy. He’s got to be embarrassed by what happened!” Everyone agrees Carter deserves the chance to redeem himself.

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Alone with his son, Ridge asks if Thomas is ok. The younger man admits he’s still shook by the way Vinny died. “I know he was distraught, thinking he might go to prison for a long time… but there are places you can go to, there are people you can call for help.” Thomas laments that if he hadn’t blocked Vinny, maybe things would have been different. Ridge is still comforting Thomas when in walks the last person either expected to see… Justin! “Before you call the police, hear me out,” says Bill’s attorney. “You’ll be glad you did.”

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Ridge wants nothing to do with the man who threw him out of a helicopter and threw Thomas into a cage. But as Ridge picks up the phone to call the police, Justin says he’s there to make themf a deal they won’t want to refuse.

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Wyatt walks into Bill’s office to find Katie catching her ex up on what went down with their son while he was behind bars. “It was hard to be away from him and his beautiful mommy,” says Bill, adding that if it were up to Justin, he’d be rotting in a prison cell. “Hard to believe that Justin was not the man I thought he was.” The trio talk about Thomas and how he’s the hero, despite having, as Katie says, “made himself awfully difficult to like there for a while.” They acknowledge that Thomas worked hard to get himself back on track.

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Bill tells Katie and Wyatt that the Justin twist has blown him away. “He’s so miserable that he tries to steal my company?” marvels Bill. “Never once did I question his allegiance!” And never did Bill imagine his best friend capable of something so awful. “That two-faced traitor is dead to me,” declares Bill. Wyatt says it’ll be tough finding someone to replace Justin, and Bill points out that his former employee wasn’t just trying to take the company from him, he was trying to take it from Wyatt and his brothers, too. Bill reiterates that there is no way he can ever forgive Justin. “I will never forget what he did, betraying me!”

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Wyatt and Katie seem inclined to try and understand Justin’s behavior, but Bill will not hear a word of it. “I will not have one ounce of forgiveness for what Justin did,” he insists. “Not that it matters. Ridge will make him pay for what he did to Thomas!” At that moment, Justin is trying to strike a deal with Ridge and Thomas. “You don’t press charges against me, you have my loyalty,” he essentially says, pointing out that he knows just how much Ridge and Bill hate one another. “You give me my freedom, I give you something in return. Something extremely lucrative. No one knows Dollar Bill Spencer like I do. The good, the bad, all the dirt. I’m ready to spill the tea.”


At Carter’s loft, he’s stripped down and sweaty after exercising which of course means Quinn is about to arrive! She can’t help but eye him appreciatively as she walks in. She calls her timing impeccable, adding, “Impeccable everything you’ve got going on!” He, knowing something she doesn’t with regard to Eric’s demands, says she shouldn’t be there. Quinn takes ownership of her actions. “Eric gave me chance after chance and I blew it,” she admits. Quinn shares that she and Eric have started divorce proceedings, and she’s hoping Carter can give her some legal advice. “You’re the only person I trust,” she explains… only to be shocked when he reveals he’s representing Eric in the proceedings!

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Although surprised by Carter’s admission, Quinn says she’s happy that her lover is getting another chance. After all, he has so much to offer. “He’s obviously still upset, and it’s going to take time to earn back his trust,” says Carter, adding that Ridge pleaded his case. Quinn is thrilled. “I never wanted you to lose everything because of your involvement with me.” She is, however, sad that they will be on opposite sides of the divorce. “I am happy that both of our lives didn’t have to blow up completely over all of this,” she sighs. “I’m devastated that I hurt Eric. He’s a wonderful man. But what ignited between the two of us? That was a real connection.” She steps closer to him, even as she recognizes that because Eric is giving him a second chance, they can’t see one another. “This is the last time we can be alone together,” she says.

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