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At the cabin, Liam and Hope revel in the fact that he’s home. “I just put my children to bed. Do you realize that simple act, how much I missed that?” he marvels. “I love this place, I love my family, I love my gorgeous wife,” he says. At first describing what’s happening as almost a dream come true, Liam corrects himself, saying that, given the circumstances surrounding Vinny’s decision to take his own life, “It’s not a dream, it’s a nightmare.” He adds that he suspects there’s more to the story than he knows. Agreeing, Hope says the real reason Liam’s not in jail is Thomas.

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Hope fills Liam in on the fact that Thomas was being held hostage by Justin. The news stuns Liam, who explains to Hope just how big a deal this is. “My dad loves Justin. I mean, loves him! I don’t know how he’s going to react when he finds out his best friend in the whole world betrayed him.”

Liam says that being away taught him he had to treasure every moment with his family. “I vow to love, honor and cherish you for the rest of my life,” he promises as he and Hope kiss.

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Like many a Bold & Beautiful viewer, Paris admits to Zende that she’s blown away by how quickly things happen. “I mean, yesterday Liam and Bill were going away for a very long time, and today they’re free!” She says she’s happy for everyone, especially Hope. Zende asks when Zoe might be coming back from Europe, and Paris assumes it won’t be happening anytime soon. Paris catches him up on recent events, including Quinn having been banished from the Forrester kingdom. “I can’t help but wonder,” says Paris, “how do you feel about Zoe staying away?” She acknowledges that something happened between Zende and Zoe, pointing out that her sister was willing to risk her entire future with Carter to see where it might go. But Zende says he was never into Zoe (apparently completely forgetting all the flirting he did, not to mention the text he sent suggesting she not rush into anything with Carter).

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Zende acknowledges he found Zoe attractive and there was a spark, but he had — and still has — no intention of throwing everything away over it. With that, he pulls Paris into a kiss.

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Wyatt enters his dad’s office to find Bill and Katie hugging. “Dad back at the helm, the love of his life in his arms,” says Wyatt. Instantly falling back into their bantering ways, Bill admits he missed Wyatt, who acknowledges, “I grow on people. It’s a gift.” Soon, Thomas enters and, at Bill’s prompting, gives Wyatt and Katie the short-version story of what happened the night Vinny died. (Apparently, Thomas is now totally cool with Bill having left the scene and trying to cover up what had happened.)  When Katie and Wyatt question why Thomas didn’t come forward with the video sooner, he tells them that Justin prevented him from doing so. This is the first Bill has heard of Justin’s involvement.

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Thomas explains that Justin knocked him out and kept him trapped in a storage facility. “That can’t be true,” says Katie, with Wyatt asking why Justin would do such a thing. No sooner has Thomas explained that Justin wanted to keep Bill locked up so he could make a play for Spencer Publications than in walks the attorney. “Dollar Bill,” he says, “back on your throne.”

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Bill tells his right-hand-man about the “unfathomable” accusation Thomas made. “It can’t be true,” says Bill. “Just tell me that this is another one of Thomas’ deceitful schemes. Tell me that he’s full of it. Tell me that, and I will believe you, Justin.” Instead, Justin acknowledges not only what he did to Thomas, but says he deleted all of the texts and videos proving Bill’s innocence, but restored them before turning the phone over to the police. “I can’t apologize enough,” he says to Bill. Thomas agrees — Justin can never apologize enough. For his behalf, Bill thanks Thomas for what he did, says they have a clean slate and shakes his hand. Asking Wyatt and Katie to leave, Bill says he needs a few minutes alone with Justin.

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“So you were going to let me and my son rot in a cell while you attempted to steal my company?” asks Bill, adding that he can’t believe Justin would do such a thing after everything he’s done for him. In turn, Justin unleashes his torrent of complaints against Bill. “I dedicated decades to being loyal to you and this company, being your fixer, being your fall guy, fixing all of your messes… all in the hopes that one day it would pay off. But that day never came! So yeah, maybe I snapped!” Bill’s having none of it, accusing his friend of conjuring up an alternate reality. “There is no relationship, personally or professionally, that matters more to me,” says Bill. (Good thing Katie and his kids weren’t around to hear that one!) “You are my blood brother,” Bill says, emotions overflowing. “And now, damnit, now you are my Judas! You have betrayed me in the most heinous way!”

Justin says he finally came to his senses and was about to let Thomas go, but his prisoner had already escaped. “So here I am, standing in front of you, man to man,” he says. “I got caught up in the desire for power and money… just like you! And I’m hoping that you, with all of your flaws, you can recognize an honest and earnest apology that I am giving you and somehow, someway find a place in your heart to forgive me.”

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Bill points out that the name of the company is Spencer Publications. Created by his father, built by him and to be inherited by his sons. “Not you,” he shouts. “There was never any misunderstanding about that! You are not blood. What you are is my right hand. My legal counsel, and as such you have been revered and respected and paid oh-so-handsomely!” Justin admits resentment turned him into someone else, but says he’s back to being himself. “I don’t know you anymore,” shouts Bill, pointing out Justin had plotted to steal everything from him. “I loved you like my brother,” Bill says, but he will not forgive and can not forget the betrayal Justin has perpetrated. “You know better than anyone that no one betrays me. You are dead to me! I don’t ever want to see your face again,” finishes Bill, ordering Justin out of the building and his life.

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