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In the Spencer Publications basement, Hope is stunned that Thomas is telling her that Vinny killed himself. Thomas didn’t realize how much pain he was in and marvels that he was willing to die in order to set Liam up. “Vinny ended his life thinking he could bring us together.” He explains that he had blocked his texts and only got his pal’s messages and video after a reset. Thomas stresses that they need to get out of there and set Liam free. Hope won’t leave Thomas there and can’t imagine what Justin was planning to do. Thomas doesn’t think he’s thought it through. He asks her to stop searching for a key and go to Baker so Liam can go free. He warns if Justin catches her that might never happen.
thomas tells hope liam didn't kill vinny bb

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In his jail cell, Liam paces and then perches on his bunk. He allows himself a slight smile as he envisions kissing Hope, and then his thoughts turn dark again as she recalls the night Vinny died. Baker comes in and says, “We need to talk.” Liam senses he has bad news, and Baker confirms he’s being transferred to another facility. The cushy life he’s been living there… the new place won’t be like that. Liam can’t believe he’s moving to a maximum security prison when he’s innocent. “I did not hit Vinny on purpose!” Baker sighs, “Yeah, yeah…” Liam hollers at the chief to investigate, but he’s convinced it was murder. Liam yells at his departing back, “It was an accident, it was!”
liam thinsk about hope and vinny bb

In Bill’s office, Ridge isn’t buying Justin’s contention that Thomas went on a trip without telling anyone but him. Justin doesn’t have time for this. Ridge isn’t going anywhere until he gets news of his son. “Where is he?” He’s convinced Justin is hiding something and asks again, “Where is Thomas?” Ridge doesn’t trust him because of the helicopter incident. Justin counters, “Fair enough. Are we done?” He maintains that he and Thomas talked business, not vacations. Ridge questions him being the only one knowing about this trip he took. Justin hedges that he thought he might have to follow up. Ridge wonders what Justin would do if his son Marcus just went missing one day. His sister just had a baby and he hasn’t called. “I’m asking you man to man. Help me!” When Justin isn’t forthcoming, Ridge threatens to go to the police. Justin says it would be a waste of time. Ridge issues a warning about what will happen if he finds out something happened to his son because of him. Justin has something to take care of that’s long overdue and walks out.
ridgr begs justin to help him bb

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At the cliff house, Steffy and Finn share a laugh over Taylor checking in for hourly updates on the baby. Steffy turns pensive and admits she’s stunned she hasn’t heard from Thomas yet. Wyatt and Flo show up to see the baby. Steffy assures them that it’s not a bad time but she was kind of hoping they were her brother. After they’ve visited for a while, Wyatt invites Finn and Steffy to kick them out. He reflects on what a nice distraction this has been from what’s going on with Liam and Bill. Steffy brings up Thomas again and Wyatt tells her not to bother texting him — Justin has his phone. Steffy learns that Ridge was there confronting Justin on Thomas’ whereabouts when he left. Steffy has questions, but Wyatt assures her that Ridge is handling it. Flo decides they should go. Wyatt sees that he’s stressed Steffy out and says he’s sure Thomas will show up soon.
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Once alone, Steffy tells Finn that something just doesn’t feel right. She’s concerned about Liam too. Finn hates that Kelly’s losing time with her dad. Steffy feels they need to find proof that he didn’t run over Vinny intentionally — he needs to be home with his daughters. Finn embraces Steffy.

Justin enters the basement only to find a crowbar on the floor and Thomas missing from the cage.

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At the jail, Thomas and Hope bust in to Baker’s interrogation room saying they have evidence. Baker tells them it’s too late — he’s been transferred. They insist they have proof that Liam was set up. Thomas explains about the video in which Vinny admits he framed Liam. Hope urgently presses Baker to understand that Vinny wasn’t the victim of a crime that night, he was the perpetrator. He has to stop the transfer now!
baker listens thomas and hope tell truth bb

Outside, Liam, in chains, is taken to the prison transport van.

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