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In the basement at Spencer Publications, Hope listens as Thomas pleads with Justin to let him go before this gets any worse. Justin’s convinced he’s going to fix it, but Thomas warns he’s spiraling. Letting him go is his only chance of walking away from this. Hope’s heart pounds as Thomas becomes more frustrated with Justin’s inaction and bangs on the cage.

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In Bill’s office, Wyatt does damage control on the phone. He disconnects as Ridge enters and complains that things have been crazy with his father gone. Ridge came to talk to Justin. Wyatt’s perplexed when Ridge explains that the lawyer may know where Thomas is. They get side-tracked talking about Steffy having the baby. Wyatt’s thrilled to hear some good news for a change. Ridge relays that Thomas hasn’t been in touch with Steffy or Hope, who came over here and learned that Justin has Thomas’ phone. They agree it’s very strange. Ridge doesn’t trust Justin as far as he can throw him. He demands Wyatt get him in there now.
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In the basement, Justin fumes to Thomas, “You don’t know me.” If he only told him all the things Dollar Bill has done — he deserves to be behind bars. Thomas agrees he’s a monster, but this can’t happen at Liam’s expense. Justin gets a call from Wyatt and says he’ll be back. Hope hides as he heads out. She manages to stop the door from closing tight and pushes inside. Thomas gawps, “Hope?!”
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In his cell, Liam replays the night of the accident in his mind and decides it makes no sense. “What was Vinny doing in the road that night?” Liam flashes through good times with Hope and the kids and his downward spiral after hitting Vinny. Grimacing, he takes to his cot, looks at the photos of his family on the wall, and recalls his last night with Hope. A tear streams down his face, as he tries not to lose hope. Liam closes his eyes and imagines he’s back at the cabin. He walks in and sees Hope. They rush into a passionate kiss. “You’re finally home,” Hope cries then jumps into his arms. A buzzer brings Liam back to reality. “Gotta have faith,” he muses. “The truth will come out. I didn’t hit Vinny on purpose.”
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In Bill’s office, Wyatt tells Ridge that Justin’s on his way. When he arrives, Wyatt asks Justin why he has Thomas’ phone. Ridge wants answers too. Justin gives them the same story he gave Hope, but Ridge doesn’t believe him and demands, “Where’s my son?”
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In the basement at Spencer, Hope frantically tries to find a way to get Thomas out of the cell, as Thomas explains that Vinny caused the accident — Vinny jumped in front of the car that night, Vinny took his own life! It wasn’t Liam’s fault, Vinny framed Liam. “He’s in jail because of Vinny.”
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